Nautilus T514 Treadmill
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Nautilus T514 Treadmill Review From: Nautilus

Sturdy, robust machine with good features. Nice walking/running surface.

Packaging inadequate for this type of machine. Warranty considerations - check carefully.

With a Nautilus in the house you really have run out of excuses!

Looking for a high usage treadmill for the home? Check out the Nautilus T514

Now I know we all SAY that we're going to start a gym routine...

Take up running, go to the pool, even just walk the dog a bit more often.

But there are always a thousand excuses... you have to drive miles to the gym, it's always packed when you get there, not to mention the weather outside.

So if you're looking for an excuse-proof piece of exercise equipment - or are in serious training but short of time, then you've surely considered buying a treadmill.

But which one? 

Check out the Nautilus T514

Just under $1000 buys you a powerful treadmill for the home.

Features include a specialized cushioned walking/running surface with softrak suspension to reduce the impact on your joints. There are 19 workout programs, including 6 time/distance course, calorie goals (so you KNOW when you've run off that bowl of ice cream), 2 custom programs, heart rate monitors and 'folding convenience' (which means you can put it away!).

The Nautilus T514 is a 'gym-inspired' design which enables you to enjoy walking or running on a comfortable surface; easy on feet, ankles, knees and hips.

'Ideal for toning up, managing your weight, and improving your cardiovascular health,' say the manufacturers. ' Designed to help you move from the place you are to the place you want to be.'

The speed range is from 0.5 to 12 miles per hour, allowing you to manage your pace for a varied work out.

And don't worry if you're not up to running (yet). Walking is still considered one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises for people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels. There are numerous benefits for the heart, lungs, and circulatory system, while also increasing muscle tone and burning calories. 

Exercise regularly in the comfort and safety of your own home, whilst watching TV, talking on the phone, or reading a magazine. 

So the benefits are clear, but what is the feedback like on this machine?

Generally, it is good. Nautilus have a good reputation in the exercise industry for their equipment. But bear in mind that this product is BIG.
'A whopping 72 inches in length with 54 inches of space to walk or run on, this treadmill is much longer than the residential treadmills I usually see,' said one customer.

And big means heavy. 'Before assembly be sure you place the box in the room you ultimately wish to use your treadmill in. Even when folded up, the machine is 32 inches wide; larger than many doorways,' advises another.

However once up and operating (a relatively simple process, although because of the weight don't attempt on your own!) the reports are favourable. 
'In comparison to other treadmills, there is none of the belt slippage as you run or walk in forward motion,' said one buyer. 'In fact, this is the only treadmill I have used that doesn't have this annoying problem. The motor is quite powerful and fast too.'

'[the] Nautilus treadmill is amazing,' says another. 'It's quiet, durable and easy to operate. I would recommend this to anyone looking for quality exercise equipment.'

And for those who are really out of shape, the treadmill may literally be a lifesaver.

'I am severely out of shape and morbidly obese,' said one customer. 'Having the treadmill in the house eliminates all of my "excuses" dressed in the cloak of a reason! My current goal is consistency and preventing further damage to my knee joints. I would be lying if I said that exercising on this machine has been pain free, however, it is a lot less painful for me than walking on concrete. I have not had any problems with slippage, traction, foot or ankle pain, etc.'

Good luck that man!

Customers like the design of the product and found it easy to operate. 
'The incline and speed buttons are located on each side of the main screen,' reported one customer. 'Moving between 4 and 6 mph does not involve multiple presses which is very useful when I get tired and am panting my lungs out! Being able to change the speed and incline on the side hand bars is also useful.'

And easy to use means it gets used!

'My husband and I are using the machine several times a week and find it quiet and easy to use. Instead of watching the news when the alarm goes off, we're getting up and putting a few miles in at the start of the day.'
'I have been using the treadmill daily since delivery and it is as good as the gym equipment I was used to using. It is very smooth and quiet. Controls are easy to use. Previously, I had to drive 30 minutes, including parking, etc to exercise, so my daily exercise took up most of my morning. Now my exercise takes only the time I am on the machine. I highly recommend this treadmill.'

There are a few issues to note with this product. As mentioned, it is very heavy; as one customer reported, 'You wont be rolling it from one location to the next very easily.'

And a couple of buyers mentioned issues with the packaging being inadequate for a machine of this size and weight - with consequent damage to the machine.

Also, the electric chord is, 'only five feet for a three foot wide machine' which caused some inconvenience. So consider where you're going to put the machine, especially since the instructions specify that you shouldn't use an extension chord.

And some customers disliked the warranty, which lasts different lengths of time for different parts. 'The belt is only guaranteed for 90 days and labor 6 months or less,' one customer reported.

However the Nautilus T514 is clearly built for heavy usage. The machine runs quietly and smoothly and customers like the features: 'You can run a mile in 5 minutes, marathon speed. This is because the motor is powerful enough to allow you quick speed change and stable running surface,' reports one customer.

'I have had other treadmills but none as nice as this one.'
Overall a good buy. Shame that Nautilus doesn't package the goods better though. Perhaps they will in the future?
Date Reviewed: May 14, 2012, 2:41 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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