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Good scanner for the basic functions, great idea, some real fans


Hiccups with software. Poor customer support.


Not perfect for general office purposes, but excellent for scanning receipts and business cards.

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NeatDesk Scanner from Neat
Neatdesk Scanner Review
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Full Review: NeatDesk Scanner / Filing System for PC & Mac (by Neat)

Is your desk overflowing with paperwork?

Not to mention your desk drawers, filing trays, briefcase, pockets, car, purse and that unmentionable corner of the office.

Yet it's all important stuff: paperwork, business cards, receipts and invoices.

You've been meaning to sort it out forever but paper seems to generate paper. Whatever happened to the 'paperless office'?

Well there may, after all, be light at the end of the tunnel. Enter the Neatdesk Scanner Digital Filing System for Mac & Windows.

It costs a hefty $434.99, but promises to, 'transform your workspace into a space that works.'

The NeatDesk works as a central 'inbox' for all your papers, so that you can scan them at your leisure. You can copy both sides of up to 10 receipts, 10 business cards, and 10 documents at a time, or alternatively a 50-page document. 

The idea is that you 'intelligently' organize and secure all your important information by saving digital copies of receipts and sales; enabling you to create expense reports and other financial information. Data is then either stored for tax time, or exported into Excel, Quicken, QuickBooks or TurboTax.

You can also scan business cards, with the software recognizing names, addresses, company, title, and more, creating a searchable contact database.

Just think, all those crumpled old business cards that you know you have somewhere, there at your fingertips!

The NeatDesk comes with it's own software, NeatWorks, which turns those piles of paper into digital data. Your computer does the searching, not you!

So far, so good - sounds fantastic. After all every office needs a scanner so why not have a NeatDesk.

So what do the customers think of this hi-tech solution to scrabbling through a dusty filing cabinet?

Well, the verdict is mixed.

Lots of people like the idea - they like it a lot. But there are some bumps in the road for this product.

'Although it could be an outstanding product with a couple of tweaks,' says one reviewer, 'it's just not ready for primetime.'

Pros are attractively designed hardware (even 'sexy' according to some...), fast scanning, good recognition of dates, sales tax etc. on receipts. 'This alone almost makes the product an overall winner and definitely put it on top for scanning receipts,' adds the reviewer.

But on the other hand the paper guide is not adjustable, there's not enough paper support, the document library is difficult to navigate, and the software is heavily focused on certain types of accounting.

So you get rid of paper but could make more work for yourself.

Having said all that, 'for the most part it has done what I want it to.'

And there were plenty of positive comments:

'I have absolutely no complaints on this (other than the price, which is high, but it is a new product and it will come down),' said one buyer.

'The software is extremely easy to use and very powerful,' added another.

'The NeatWorks software is really nifty. It interprets the scanned documents, and if they are receipts, it picks out dollar amounts for later use in expense reports.' 

However not without a few hiccups!

'[I fed in a  receipt] from a recent American Airlines flight to Texas. The application did read it as an 'airline' expense, but the dollar totals were completely misread.'

Although it should be noted that the software allows you to edit numbers and indeed asks you to verify them.

Other issues reported by customers and reviewers were customer service and honoring of guarantees.

'I thought I'd write a review while waiting for a Customer service rep,' said one. 'I've been waiting for 40 minutes so far.'

'The machine I purchased for my Mac is defective and simply does not work,' said another. 'I've been trying to get a replacement for 4 months and they will not stand behind their product.'

But most people seem to agree that the NeatDesk is a 'great product.' 

'I have no issues with, it is, in a word, "neat" - minimal footprint, scan is fast and clear,' said another. But if you have a problem there are 'no live bodies to speak with to help you fix it.'

And some people absolutely love it - especially for the core functions of scanning receipts and business cards.

'I've used this all afternoon for the first time and I am almost ashamed to admit that I have a mancrush on this piece of office equipment.'

But if you are looking for more general purpose office capabilities such as scanning directly to email or handling large documents then this is not the best buy.

And the software has crashed for some users - 'multiple times during my several weeks of using it,' said one, who considered this, a 'fatal flaw.'

And others said that they used the scanning facilities with different software to get around this problem.

So, in the words of another reviewer: 'Scanner - good; Software - spotty; Overall - disappointing.'

Because there was a lot of goodwill towards this product, people want it to work.

Just as they want to clear the clutter from their desk!
Date Reviewed: April 3, 2012, 3:44 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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