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This vacuum compares very well to any contemporary and exceeds the industry standard by miles. The laser maps out the cleaning area so that it does not bump into anything.


The cleaner is loud and not exactly cheap.


The Neato XV-11 is unquestionably one of the best robotic vacuums on the market today and does exactly as advertised.

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Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum from Neato Robotics
Neato XV 11 Robotic Vacuum
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Review of the Neato XV-11 Vacuum - Better than the Roomba?

For years my wife has begged me to head out into technology world and to return with a robotic housecleaner. I always use these moments as opportunities for me to make fun of her naïve nature. Now it appears that I am the one that is naïve. The Neato XV 11 robotic vacuum is pretty darn close to what shes asking for, in spite of the fact that it does not do windows.

If all of the claims are true, then my wife will never have to pick up the vacuum cleaner again. That alone should buy me plenty of husband points for the next year. Neato Robotics needs to wow me with this one.

Are all robotic vacuums the same?

After doing extensive research on the Neato XV 11, the answer is a resounding no. The XV- 11 outperforms similar robotic vacuums on almost every single level. There are very few people who have posted reviews that disagree so that says a lot for the Neato XV 11. Not many products have the reputation of the Neato XV 11, especially after being out for quite some time. This robotic vacuum is superior to any upright vacuum according to the masses.

What you get in the box

One robot
One charging base
One power supply
15 foot roll of boundary markers
Extra filter
User guides
Two rechargeable batteries
One month money back guarantee with a one-year limited warranty

What makes this robot so great

Every robotic vacuum that Ive seen in the past, including the massively popular Roomba, goes around the room willy-nilly and bumps into every single thing in its path. The Neato XV 11 scans the room with a laser to map out the entire room and everything in it. Once it figures out the lay of the land, this little robot goes to town.

Starting on the outer edges of the room and working its way in, the Neato XV 11 deftly maneuvers around everything in the room barely touching anything. The sensors that are built into the unit do a wonderful job of ensuring that the edges of your furniture will remain intact. The Neato XV 11 feels like it works like magic.

Once the Neato XV 11 is finished in one room, it will then head out into the other rooms as well. This robotic vacuum literally cleans every floor in your home and cleans it well. My Dyson never did that but then again, it was up to me to push it.

Not content to simply clean your home, the Neato XV 11 will then return to its home charging base all by itself and get ready for its next scheduled cleaning by self-charging. You control how often and when the unit will do its cleaning.

What about parts and cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning up after the unit, it is truly a snap when compared to uprights. The Neato XV 11 has one little compartment that is removable and only opens when you are at the trashcan and ready to dump out the contents. The actual rollers on the bottom occasionally will need to be cleaned and they are removed rather easily as well.

Getting parts for the unit is remarkably easy. Everything you need is found on the Neato website and is very reasonable. What makes it particularly reasonable is that you dont have to replace them very often. Most of the reviews I read had not had to replace anything several months in.

But what about the negatives?

Surely a robot has some kind of flaws, right? There sure arent many to be found with this product. One negative is that the item is not exactly inexpensive. At several hundred dollars it compares nicely with a mid-level upright. Conversely, it is not going to be found very cheap, even on the secondary market. This is because the product works so well. It is hard to imagine anyone getting rid of it all.

Another common complaint about the Neato XV 11 is that it is extremely loud for its size. This is actually a common complaint among robotic vacuums, and can be easily overcome by setting the unit to run while you are gone.

Final analysis

The Neato XV 11 stands alone as the unquestioned king of robotic vacuums for its price point. For the product to of been around so long and have so few complaints, one cannot help but to applaud them.

Date Reviewed: March 27, 2012, 9:12 am
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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