18 Bottle Wine Cooler
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NewAir 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Review From: NewAir

This is a very nice home wine cooler.

Larger sized bottles may not fit in the cooler.

All around a nice, affordable win cooler for simple home use.

NewAir 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Is Very Cool Indeed

While a wine cooler is not something I would purchase for my home, I can understand the appeal. I do enjoy a nice a glass of wine on occasion but I do not drink enough to warrant such a big purchase and I certainly do not need to store eighteen bottles. Chilled wines and champagnes need to be stored at a certain temperature in order for them to keep their flavor and the quality of the wine. If they are not stored properly, they can turn to vinegar very quickly and an expensive bottle of wine is lost. Even the less expensive wines need to be stored properly so those who buy in bulk would appreciate this wine cooler as well.

Keep in mind this is specifically a wine cooler. If you're looking for alternatives like a mini freezer or fridge, this isn't going to fit the bill.

Other Things That Make This a Good Purchase

There are very few moving parts in this cooler so it runs virtually sound free and that means that you do not have to listen to cycling on and off. Not everybody loves white noise so for those who are sensitive to sound, this is a huge plus. This cooler will fit the décor of any home or wine cellar because it is black with chrome trim and has a glass front. If you prefer that the casing not be seen, you can put it in an area that blocks the sides and the only feature you will see is the glass front. The glass front is also great for choosing the perfect bottle with just a glance. You do not have to leave the door open while you rummage for the one you want.

This wine cooler is ecologically friendly and does not use Freon which is now known to be bad for the environment. It holds eighteen full sized bottles of wine or champagne and has five shelves to store them in. One of the best features is the digital temperature readout that shows the exact temperature inside the cooler so you can adjust it for the perfect tasting wines. Finally, there is an interior light that will allow you to see the wine you are choosing even if your cooler is located in the wine cellar where this is typically very little light.

Product Features

  • Well Insulated Glass
  • No Ozone Destroying Chemicals
  • Digital Temp Display
  • Quiet Running

What Could Be Better

One of the main issues of this cooler is that it may not get cold enough for some peoples wine tastes. While it is set for premium wine temperatures, there are those who would like their wine to be cooler so it is the perfect temperature after it has decanted. It has been known to run much louder than advertised which again can be a problem for some. The glass door is well constructed but in the warmer months it can fog over and this takes away from the ease of seeing the bottles inside without opening the door. The final issue is with the wine racks themselves, they are not large enough to hold some of the wider wine bottle varieties. Some wines are made with a thicker base and these do not fit and that can be a huge issue for the wine lover.

Others Opinions

Alan J. Busacca says, I bought this wine cooler to put under the bar top in my winery tasting room. It has functioned well and is sleek and compact and completely silent.
Aniblue adds, I shopped high and low for the right wine refrigerator, reading all reviews available and even consulting with friends who own one. I settled on the New Air model because it seemed to me it fulfilled all my requirements: good quality, right size, good looking and great value.


While there are many things to love about this wine cooler, it seems to me that the shelves could have been made to fit any bottle of wine, not just one bottle style. At nearly $200 it would be nice to be able to put any wine bottle in it and it would also be better if the cooler were able to go below fifty four degrees for those wines that require a colder chill. The door is also an issue; there is no need for a door that does not stay clear, particularly when there are manufacturing processes in glass that can keep it from fogging up. Would I recommend this wine cooler? Yes to those who just want to have a nice little wine cooler but who are not huge connoisseurs of wine.

Date Reviewed: May 26, 2012, 7:54 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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