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Nextiva from Nextiva
Nextiva REVIEW Why Go With This VoIP Provider
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Nextiva REVIEW - Why go with this VoIP provider?

Why VoIP?

Three main reasons: Big cost savings, enhanced productivity and enhanced customer experience. For the first time in history it's possible for a small to medium sized business to offer customers a phone experience equivalent to a fortune 500 company. With the advent of cloud technology, this experience is economical for the business and with the integration cloud technology provides, it also enhances business productivity, further reducing costs and streamlining integration.

Why Nextiva?

Nextiva has won more than 30 Independent Technology & Telephony Awards, including being named "Product of the year" by Internet Telephony magazine for three years in a row. Nextiva was also named as one of the best places to work by Phoenix Business Journal. I especially like to see that because a company with a healthy work environment is a company that knows how to provide good service. The support and tech staff do their job with greater good will and efficacy because they are being treated with respect themselves and they like where they work.

Nextiva has also managed to do the right thing environmentally, while keeping their pricing competitive. In addition to internal recycling steps taken around the office to create a sustainable living environment, Nextiva has chosen to offset their carbon emissions by participating in's CarbonFree program. As a partner in the CarbonFree program, Nextiva supports third party validated renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects in the US and abroad to reduce CO2 emissions while paving the way for a clean energy future. Their participation in the program has not been in conflict with their own growth as a company as they doubled in size in 2011. One look at companies using their service (IBM, Acura, Delta and Target to name a few) and it's clear Nextiva has a sustainable future.

So what about pricing?

Nextiva's 4 user phone system is just $24.95/line with unlimited minutes, 4 local and one toll free number, 1 virtual fax number, free US and Canada calls, professional greetings, US based support and of course a Virtual, cloud based PBX system. Nextiva's mid-level mobile plan is just $19.95/month for 500 minutes or $69.95 for unlimited minutes.

For offices already equipped with PBX, Nextiva's SIP Trunking Plan offers a way to significantly cut costs with the price per month/per seat at $29.95 unmetered or $14.95 metered.

No set up fees or hidden charges and no contracts. Technical support is available 24/7 for urgent matters. For regular issues their business hours are 6am-6pm pacific time or 8am to 6pm PST on weekends.

Nextiva Features?

Office Phone System:

Toll free or local phone number, auto attendant, advanced call routing (to multiple targets), hunt groups (distribute calls from a single number or extension to multiple phone lines), dial by name, on hold music or marketing messages, call screening, virtual PBX (allowing incoming callers to navigate your business), call logs, holiday and after hours greetings, do not disturb, web portal interface (you manage your phone system through software you access on your web browser), number portability, caller ID, VoIP phones (you needn't purchase from them, though), Adapters,  conference phones, softphone (use your computer as a phone), free greeting recording (if you're not happy with their standard one), enhanced voicemail, emergency service 911 and mobile phone integration.

Nextiva Connect (Mobile):

Toll free or local number, Auto Attendant, Dial-By-Name, advanced call routing, number portability, holiday and special greetings, virtual pbx, web portal interface and enhanced voicemail.

Nextiva SIP Trunking:

As far as SIP trunking goes, some basic advantages include cost efficiency (that's a big one!), connection (running on the internet not only saves you money it seamlessly integrates your office connectivity,) grow your business (greater cost efficiency means resources can be re-directed) and enhanced voicemail. 


Nextiva vFax is a fax solution offering greater flexibility. You can fax via email, microsoft office, the Nextiva online control panel, cell phone or with your own fax machine (via Nextiva's bridge adapter.) Their annual pricing is just $4.95/month.

My Take:

Nextiva's online rep is sterling. I found consistently high ratings for their service everywhere I looked. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and a clean slate on ripoff report and other complaint boards.

Nextiva is one of the top VoIP offerings available and with their emphasis on environmental accountability as well as dedication to excellence in their own work environment, Nextiva is definitely worth checking out. 

Date Reviewed: March 28, 2012, 9:04 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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