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Very clear, easy to read and follow, step-by-step guide for planning, building and monetizing a website or blog. Invaluable for beginners and gives new perspectives to the experienced webmasters too.


Niche Website Success will not make you rich instantly. It will not work unless YOU make it work.


Only for those who are ready to learn and work hard in order to create their own financially successful website.

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Niche Website Success from Lisa Irby
Niche Website Success Review
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Learn How To Make Money With Your Blog or Website - Niche Website Success

Before starting my Niche Website Success review let me just quickly share something personal with you:

Ever since I'd read Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant back in 1999 the phrase "passive income" keept echoing in my head. I enjoyed my job but I always knew that one day I would quit and not work for anyone any more.

A few years later, around 2006, I came to the conclusinon that building a website could bring me the financial and personal freedom I looked for. Hurray!

There was one little problem though: I had no clue how to make a website.

I knew I needed a domain name so I registered one. But then, what next?

I started searching for information, got overwhelmed and paralyzed... and the domain expired before I figured out what to do with it. That was my first "website". R.I.P.

Finally, in 2008, I found a tutorial program and site builder that enabled me, the ultimate beginner, to build my first real website and make money with it. Everything I know about building a successful online business I learned by building this website of mine.
The price* I paid for this tutorial program and website builder is US$ 299 - and it was worth every cent, I didn't regret it for a second.

˙(*This price also includes hosting, domain and a plethora of great services that are not the subject of this review.)

Now, thanks to Niche Website Success, you don't have to spend that sort of money if you want to learn how to build, market and monetize your website.

What is Niche Website Success?

Niche Website Success is neither a website builder, nor a membership  scheme or a plug-in money making system.
It is a guide, an eBook in PDF format that you can download and read immediately after making the payment.

About the Author

When it comes to building websites, Lisa Irby is one of the very few people worth listening to. She has been an online marketer for more than 13 years, learned everything she knows and teaches today by trial and error.

Lisa makes no secret about the difficulties ...
"I spent the next four years building small, niche websites and made money with affiliate marketing, but never earned enough to live comfortably on."
... and she is not shy about her success either:
"Two years later, my site income matched my 9 to 5 salary. Two years after that, I quadrupled my 9 to 5 income and decided to do affiliate marketing full time. A large percentage of my income is now passive and residual."
Lisa is not a self-proclaimed "guru" but rather the girl next door - the living proof that building a legitimate and ethical online business is absolutely do-able and she gives you the blueprint to guide you through the process.

What's in the eBook?

The 150+ page well written eBook starts off by explaining

  • what a niche website is,
  • how to choose the site topic and
  • how to decide the content of each page by using free market research tools,
  • how to plan your monetization mix.

Chapter 4 discusses the pros and cons of several monetization models in details, gives you alternatives and ideas how to create various income streams.

Chapter 5 is a little shoulder patting from Lisa in case you feel a bit overwhelmed ... a must read!

Then you roll up our sleeves and actually start building your site. Chapter 6 sheds a light on the difference between blogs and static wsebsites and helps you choose the right one for you.

Throughout the eBook Lisa gives you direct links to the relevant pages on her website and blog as well as third party resources and tutorials where you can read more details about specific subjects like website design, ready-to-use templates, HTML, etc.

In Chapter 7 you will learn how to pick the best domain name for your site and what to look for when choosing the right webhost and hosting package.

Chapter 9 is one of the most important part: it's about Traffic - or should I say: the art of driving visitors to your new website. Ideally the ones who are interested in your topic and ready to buy what you recommend them.
This is the longest chapter covering search engine optimization, social media, video- and email marketing plus couple of other ways to get free targeted traffic.

Related to traffic, Chapter 10 advises you about building a community around your website, the benefits of having a forum or a membership site. (It's not as easy as you may think!)

Short but sweet: Chapter 11 discusses the importance of quality content for your website.
In the highlight of recent Google algorythm changes it is crucial for your success to have fresh, original content. Fortunately Lisa provides excellent tips and techiques in this department too.

Chapter 12 and 13 elaborates more on two major monetization models. AdSense and affiliate programs.

Chapter 14 fills a gap by discussing the legal aspects of making money online. Taxation, copyrights and the handling of privacy information are important subjects for every internet marketer and Lisa provides several useful links to official sources.

Once you start making serious money online you might consider separating your business income from your personal finances and  set up a corporation or do business under a different name. Lisa tells you how she did it and gives you links to follow up.

No Bonuses

I found it especially unique and refreshing that the sales page of Niche Website Success doesn't try to dazzle you with hyped (but often useless) bonuses just to make the purchase price look relatively low.

Niche Website Success is "only" accompanied by a free workbook which is very useful to keep track of your progress and avoid distractions. Print it out on paper if you prefer but you can also work in it on your computer.


Even though I do not consider myself a newbie any more, I found many great ideas in Niche Website Success that I can use to make my website grow bigger in terms of both traffic and revenues.
Date Reviewed: May 6, 2012, 9:13 am
Reviewed by Eszter P
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