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Best looking shoe on the market. Strong yet lightweight shoe. Performs great on the court at the highest level. Compatible with Nike+ technology.


One of the more expensive shoes Nike offers.


Really getting your moneys worth with this shoe that's great in every way.

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Nike Hyperdunk 2012 from Nike
Nike Hyperdunk 2012
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Nike Hyperdunk 2012 Product Review

Earlier this summer I order the new Nike Hyperdunk 2012 basketball shoes. They arrived, and right away i was very pleased with the shoe. The shoe has a great look with different textures and materials used to make the shoe look great. You could tell they put a lot of work into this shoe so it could make its grand debut for the 2012 London Olympics. Many of the USA basketball team wore this shoe. Players such as Lebron James, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony.

 All the new Nike technology was used like the Lunarlon foam and Flywire mesh. I could tell that they had fixed the heel defect from the previous models design from 2011. There is none of that cheap hard plastic on the back of the heel. They used a much higher quality plastic to provide support.They seemed much more sturdy than any of the previous Hyperfuze or Hyperdunk models. I could see no design flaws that had the potential to rip or tear away. Also the combination of the mesh and thick nylon threads gave the shoe a great look and structural integrity.

 Like any other excited customer I tried the shoe on and it fit great and was very comfortable. It had a lot of ankle support. There is a high quality plastic that wraps around the back of the heel providing support and stability for the shoe. The arches within the shoe felt great. They weren't super flat, instead they rose up support the arch of my foot and felt very comfortable. The length of the shoe is true to its size but it does run a little narrow at the forefoot so I recommend trying the shoe on first or getting a half size larger. Up to this point every Hyperdunk Model has had poor ventilation. The combination of the layering of the different materials resulted in a strong but well ventilated shoe, probably one of the best on the market.

The shoes performance on the court was pleasing too. The sole of the shoe provided a lot of traction in all directions of movement. Whether I was jumping. running, or any other quick movements I always was under control and had great traction with the floor. Depending on whether you customize your shoe or not there is a Hyperdunk model with a translucent rubber and a solid rubber sole. You can make the decision based on preference of the look of the shoe but it also affects traction. The translucent rubber is a slightly softer rubber and if picks up dust and other dirt easily. I found that you have to wipe this off quite frequently to keep the sole in its mint condition. Not a huge difference but I would go with the solid rubber sole It is a High top shoe which I prefer over low top due to the added ankle support and it fit snugly to my foot and provided a lot of support while playing. Some shoes feel very heavy, like trying to jump with bricks on your feet but I didn't have that feeling at all with these shoes. They had great mobility and traction.

I haven't had the chance to try it but it is compatible with the new Nike+ technology that syncs with your iPhone or iPod touch. This is a separate higher priced shoe that comes with the Nike+ chip inside it. It can track things like your quickness and vertical jump which is an awesome added bonus to an already outstanding shoe. But I don't think its really worth it to pay an extra 100 dollars to track your stats. Another great thing that Nike did was they produced many different colorways for the shoe so that your preferred color is available. If you don't see a color combination that you like Nike also gives you access to customize the show however you want to in the Nike ID store for a higher prices of course.

Date Reviewed: September 1, 2012, 2:22 am
Reviewed by Reviewer33
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