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Nikon D3100 Review From: Nikon

This is an affordable digital SLR with all of the great features you want. It has high resolution, great zoom and storage capability.

Auto focus makes it difficult to control certain shots on your own.

This is an excellent camera for the price margin and it's great for those who do not have a lot of technical skills in using expensive cameras. It will be as easy as a point-and-shoot but with the upgraded features of an SLR.

Is the Nikon D3100 the Right Camera for Me?

I am not a professional photographer but I do like taking photographs and I do enjoy checking out the latest technologies in cameras.† I have had a fascination with them since I was young and my father bought me my first camera.† As an adult, I can now use photographs regularly in my business and I love taking photos of my kids and our family outings. Iíve wanted a new digital SLR for years now and Iíve finally decided to take the plunge- once I find the right one, of course. †

Iím seriously tired of spending a hundred dollars on a new digital camera just to have a newer better model hit the shelves just a few months later and my camera is now worth half of what I paid for it.† So, Iím looking at the high end cameras such as this Nikon D3100. †The average cost of this camera is five times what I would have normally paid for one but Iím hoping it will last five times longer.†

I always look at a description of the product and then I look at how other people who have already bought and used the product feel about it. This gives me a good idea if I want to spend a great deal of money on a high ticket item or if I should choose something else. Product Details
  • High Resolution Photo and Video Output
  • Large 3Ē Viewing Panel
  • HD Cinematic Video
  • Auto Focus in Both Picture and Video Modes
  • Easy to Use
  • Multiple Memory Card Capabilities

After looking over the product details, I became intrigued because many of the high quality cameras such as this one were so complicated that I wasnít sure I could actually figure out what they do.† With the easy to use feature that comes with an assistant, I know that it will not take me long to start working with this camera comfortably.† I also like the large viewing panel.† Some of the technical details were over my head but if I am comfortable with the camera it will not be difficult to learn what they actually mean.

Yeah, Iím Buying This Camera and Hereís Why

First and foremost I want to be more proficient in my photography and that means having the ability to take a succession of photos so I can pick the best one.† With three shots per second, I can definitely get the perfect shot even if I am wasting a couple in the process.† Since this camera is digital I donít have to worry about wasted film and if I need more space on my memory card, I can simply delete those shots that I donít like.†

I have used video function in some of the low end cameras I have purchased but there were issues like not being able to focus.† I love football and have had the opportunity to be on the sidelines during pregame workouts.† I hated that I couldnít get the players in focus with my other cameras so Iím very pleased to see that there is auto focus in video mode on this camera so when Iím on the field again, I know all the video will come out perfectly.

My Issues with This Camera

Sadly there are a few downsides to this camera but after reviewing others, I they are not big enough to change my mind about purchasing it.† The first major issue is that while the viewing screen is quite large, it does not give a true representation of what the photo actually looks like.† It may seem clear and crisp on the screen but when it is viewed on a computer the image can be out of focus or blurry.†

This brings us to the other reason I have an issue with this camera: Unless you are in auto focus, you have to work a little harder to get a good shot and there are times when Iíd rather do the work myself.† But since these are small issues, I can live with them considering the lower price tag than some of the other cameras of similar quality.

How Do Other People Feel?

Dan Aurel Cristescu says, ďFor people looking for new DSLR camera, stop, this is it. It has none of the D3000 drawbacks: Fast buffer, never overloaded.Ē
Vipul D Kapadia states, ďHurray! The long wait is over! Nikon had us wait for such a long time for its newer models (D3100 and D7000) and it was just when we started thinking if Nikon will ever have an answer, anytime soon, to Canon's T2i, 7D and 60D) they released these two wonderful cameras - D3100 and D7000.Ē

At the End of the Day

AT the end of the day I really like this camera and if I am going to make the investment this is the one I plan on purchasing.† The price is right, I can learn how to use it easily and it offers many more functions that I have with my cheap digital camera.† I like that this one will last me a long time and I truly think it is worth the investment.

Date Reviewed: May 5, 2012, 1:57 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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Foto Reviewer I have used the D3100 and think it is a very good entry level DSLR camera, although I found my 450d (Rebel XSi) more user friendly and intuitive. The D3100 is packed full of features though, and it is a dslr camera you should consider if you are looking to upgrade from a point and shoot camera.

Being a Canon fan I never considered buying the D3100 when I got my first dslr, however my wife shoots one and she is very happy with her choice.

foto_reviewer Rating
Sat, June 30, 2012 2:11AM • By: foto_reviewerrssreport user
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