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It's a simple, easy-to-follow beginner's program that will help maximize muscle gain. The workout is always varied, ensuring you are never bored.


Only one--it claims you'll gain up to 5lbs of muscle a month, which isn't even physically possible.


If you're looking for a solid beginner's program for building muscle, you may want to give this a go.

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No Nonsense Muscle from Vince Del Monte
No Nonsense Muscle Review
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Vince Del Monte's "No Nonsense Muscle Building" - REVIEW

If you've spent your entire life being skinny, you know how hard it is to gain weight.  You gloss over pictures of men with huge muscles and yearn to be them--even wondering if your only solution is to use black market drugs.

But a former skinny guy turned bodybuilder wants you to know there is hope.  His name is Vince Del Monte, a former Canadian Fitness Model champion who went from 149lbs to 190lbs of solid muscle in just 24 weeks.  

His secret is not steroids, HGH, or other illegal drugs.  In fact, he hasn't touched a single drug or supplement.  His secret is a training technique that maximizes muscle gain so that you're not wasting time in the gym doing endless curls or squats that don't get you anywhere.

He explains his secret training technique in his eBook, No Nonsense Muscle Building.

So what is it, and is it really that effective?

About No Nonsense Muscle Building

No Nonsense Muscle Building is a training book developed by former Canadian Fitness Mode champion and personal trainer Vince Del Monte, who has been one of the leading bodybuilding experts for nearly half a decade.

As a teenager, Del Monte faced what was called "Hardgainer's syndrome."  He was always thin and weak, weighing in at 149lbs soaking wet.  No matter how much he ate or how hard he trained, nothing changed.  Like you, he also wanted to be big, not small.

Then, after earning his degree in Kinesiology, he decided to develop his own technique to building muscle.  In 24 weeks, we went from 149lbs to nearly 200lbs--all thanks to this special technique.

So what is this special technique?  It's something called periodization, which eliminates muscle plateaus by adding in deconditioning and high load phases to ensure you never stop growing.

During your training, you'll lift weights while continuously varying the repetitions, sets, rest periods, total volume of the workout, and the total weight lifted.  You'll do this every week, in a cycle, which ensures you're still advancing more--lifting heavier each week--even if it doesn't feel like it.  

This is something called progressive overload, which stimulates more muscle hypertrophy.  When you stimulate more muscle hypertrophy, you gain more muscle.  Follow this to the T and he says you'll gain 3 to 5lbs of pure muscle every month.

And that is the secret behind No Nonsense Muscle Building.

Issues with No Nonsense Muscle Building

So it sounds too good to be true--but is it?

Well, here's the thing.  His advice is spot on, and periodization really is an excellent tool for continuously increasing your muscle mass.  But the problem here is that he also claims you'll suddenly gain 3 to 5lbs. of muscle a month.  Physically, this isn't even possible.

For absolute beginners, who are more likely to gain the most muscle during their first year of training, even they won't gain 3 to 5lbs of muscle a month.  Physically, the most they can gain is 2lbs a month, assuming they're eating in a caloric surplus and training perfectly.  

So in this case, Del Monte may be stretching the truth.

What Consumers are Saying

No Nonsense Muscle Building is a very popular product, but what do consumers think about it?  Here's what some of them had to say:

"I road tested it for 90 days to see if I could get a six pack.  It worked for me, but there are probably thousands of other programs on these [] forums that would also.  I guess for me I just wanted to try something that was packaged in one book that I just had to follow step by step."

"It's detailed, and you get a half year of progressive weight training out of it.  If you persist with it, and progress at a level that is comfortable to you, then you will probably be fine."


So should you buy it?  If you're a complete beginner and don't know where to start, then yes, you should.  There is a lot of valuable information that can help you learn how to train correctly.  
However, be aware that you won't gain 3 to 5lbs. of muscle a month--you may gain 3 to 5lbs of weight, but not all of it will be muscle.
Date Reviewed: February 21, 2012, 7:51 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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