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Provides hope or a path to follow. Available immediately. Computer generated reading, in principle, should be reliable.


The reports were too generic. Computer generated reports will always be lacking a personal touch. People from the company could not be contacted. Product was not always delivered on time or as promised.


Many people were unhappy due to failure to meet their expectations. The lack of accountability on the part of the providers makes it difficult to support this product. In principle it seems like a good reading could be generated. I would keep watching the reviews for someone more accountable who delivers up to the expectations set.

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We all want to know something more about ourselves, and what the future holds.

Numerology, like palm reading and psycic readings are occult parasciences.  The Farlex Dictionary defines these as “subjects that are outside the scope of traditional science because they cannot be explained by accepted scientific theory or tested by conventional scientific methods”. 

Ok, let’s apply a little science to this parascience.

The numbers come from your birth date and the letters in your name.  These provide the basic components.  The individual numbers and the combinations represent vibrational frequencies. Frequency is vibrations per second, each vibration is represented by a wave formation.  When multiple frequencies are combined a few different things can happen.  One, the wave speed can be altered and two the amplitude can be changed.  When the wave speed is changed, this affects the rate at which your personal vibrations are moving through space (also implicit is dissipation over time and through interference with surrounding vibrations).  When amplitude is affected, the wave becomes deeper and louder or shallower and softer.  
A wave's amplitude changes in conjunction with the vibrational energy emitted from other numbers that are near you....for example as the date changes, or you move into a new house with a different address, you will get a different vibrational energy.  All of these numbers will vibrate in sync or out of sync with each other and in this way you will have a reading generated. offers you personalized numerology readings.

This site has a different marketing edge to it.  A sexy voice comes over the speakers drawing you into the mystery of the unknown, uncovering how your destiny is in your name and your birthday.  It sounds like a movie trailer that is being played in the movies.  It is all very exciting! 

Based on the mathematics of the Universe.  A 4000 year old science”

All you have to do to find your hidden talents and new opportunities is to enter your name and birth date in the spot provided to get a personality profile completely free.

Why not give it a try?

I did!  I personally love getting my palm read, seeing a psychic and getting my numbers done.  In fact, I get my palm read and my numbers done by a lady in town.  When I came across this web-site some about six months ago I promptly entered my name and birthday for my own reading.  It was fascinating!  Of course it was, after all, I am my favourite subject! And they used my name a lot, so that made me feel very special like he was talking directly to me.   The review also said something would be happening in the next six weeks that would require me to buy the full reading to find out what about whatever amazing opportunity was waiting.

Before I purchased anything I wanted to look around to see what others thought about their reading.

The Consumer Complaints Board had a few complaints listed.  One dating June 2010 has been resolved by the company, and the other one posted from April 2011 was less optimistic.  This complainant said the reports are computer-generated and that the operator is not a numerologist but an internet marketer who is selling 150 page generic reports.

The Better Business Bureau gives this product a  rating of F on a scale of A+ to F for failing to provide background information or respond to one of the two complaints made after numerous attempts to contact.

Six reports were filed against Blair Gorman and since 2009.  I have made a list of the range of complaints made:

  •  lack of accountability,
  • no one can be reached to speak to,
  • complaints go unheard,
  • refunds were not granted,
  • reports were generic ,
  • some of what was promised was sent and some of it wasn’t
  • some complainants didn’t receive anything.

Can a computer generate the values and the correlated meanings?

 If the principle elements of each number are clearly defined then it would be quite easy to input them into a computer program to compile a read out.   It shouldn’t matter if someone is telling you in person or if a computer has processed the information.  Nor should the results be generic.  There would be an absence of bias resultant from the computer program.  On the other hand, that bias might be needed by someone in person to tweak the results to make it more personal to you  - but then, if that is what you wanted, you would not go to the internet for that reading.  


The research indicates that people were not satisfied with the product, the delivery of it, the billing or the refund mechanisms.  It seems the product failed to live up to the expectations of the users who actually purchased the full report.   Therefore I cannot recommend this product.  If you want a numerology reading, a computer generated report should be accurate, just ensure the provider is accountable and available to respond to your concerns.


Date Reviewed: December 12, 2011, 8:12 pm
Reviewed by marilee
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Djdennist To be honest, I am disappointed in the service of this company. There was an offer for a Complete Numerolgy Chart to be delivered within 24 hours. The order was placed on 01/19/13. It is now 01/23/13 and I have not received the chart. I have sent 3 emails and left a phone message and haven\'t gotten a response at all. The cost was $47.00 plus tax. They offer a 60 day \"No questions asked\" money back guarantee. Apparantly their guarantee is worth the same consideration as their service. None! djdennist Rating
Wed, January 23, 2013 11:08AM • By: djdennistrssreport user
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