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This is a large bag/backpack with many compartments and areas for organization.


It's a bit pricey and might be too much for some parents.


If you travel a lot with your child or take small children out for outdoor activities, it will be worth the investment for this bag.

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Travel Baby Depot Backpack from Okkatots
Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Bag Review
Lisa Mason rates this 4.5/5
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Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack Keeps Parents Organized

As many new parents have already discovered, it can be very difficult juggling a new baby and a diaper bag when taking trips but the Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack Bag can make this task much easier. The great thing about a backpack is that it allows you to carry all of the things your baby needs while keeping your hands free but this one does so much more.

Not only does it free up your hands but itís very convenient to use, too. You donít have to worry about everything being mixed up inside the bag, which can be very frustrating especially when you need to find something fast. It has special compartments for everything.

This bag is great for parents who travel a lot because itís so convenient but it can be used every day, too for home use. Sit it up on the dresser at home, open it up and youíll always have everything baby needs right at your fingertips. Then when youíre ready to take a trip, zip it up and go.


The Okkatots baby backpack bag is loaded with features. It has a diaper dispenser, which will hold sixteen diapers at once and a wet wipe dispenser. The changing mat is great for when youíre traveling or at home. There are plenty of pockets where you can store extra clothing, toys and more. It has an insulated section that will hold up to six of the large bottles at a time. It also has a polyurethane pacifier pouch.

It has a key hook, padded shoulder straps, cell phone pocket and a special compartment for a DVD player and DVDs. The DVD compartment folds down and holds the device for easy viewing and then folds up again for storage. Thereís also a water-resistant laundry bag thatís washable.

Product Specs

  • Diaper station with changing pad
  • Removable wipe dispenser
  • Diaper dispenser for sixteen diapers
  • Insulated pocket for six large baby bottles
  • Polyurethane pacifier pouch
  • Outside DVD player pocket
  • Machine-washable laundry bag


The Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack Bag is durable with a six-month manufacturerís warranty. It has lots of storage space and everything is easy accessible so you donít have to unpack the entire bag to find what you need. It opens up several different ways so you can go right to the section you need instead of searching for what you want.

The Okkatots Travel Backpack has a hook that allows you to hang it in a closet or any other convenient area when not in use. The great thing about this is that you can also open it without worry about the contents falling out while itís hanging up. The insulated pocket is easy to clean and liquids wonít leak to other compartments if they spill because it is separated from the rest of the bag.You can grab this bag and go with your favorite baby stroller and don't worry about forgetting anything that you need.


This backpack is very large so itís not a good choice for everyday use when you take a quick trip to the store or park. Itís a little expensive but since it is designed mainly for traveling, thatís understandable. The inside of the bag is very roomy so itíll hold just about anything you could ever need but that means that it can be very heavy to carry around.

The padded change mat is comfortable for baby but itís a little difficult to clean when on long trips. Although itís designed for traveling, it would be hard to use this bag inside an airport bathroom. Most of them are small and there isnít a lot of room to set the bag down, which could cause problems.

Another problem that you may encounter is the diapers and wipes are located on the bottom of the bag so youíll have to open the bag up completely to get to them. Normally, this might not be a problem but if you donít have a lot of room to move around it can make things a little inconvenient.

What People Are Saying

ďThe organization in this bag is AMAZING. There is a pocket for everything! I can fit four 8oz bottles in the bottle holder. Love, love, love all the zippered and mesh pockets inside. We make our own baby food and found that our old diaper bag did not have enough room to carry all our regular items plus a few small bowls. I often found myself carrying the diaper bag, a cooler and my purse, plus a baby. I can fit my cooler inside this bag plus my wallet in the DVD pocket without any problems plus all the toys and blankets we need for a day away. It opens very wide, so no more digging blindly into the bottom of the bag. We can pack for a long day away all in one bag. This would be great for multiple children, or for the parents who like to over pack.

This bag was a little taller than I expected. It's a little large on my 5'2 frame. But, the bag itself is very light weight. Straps are well padded. Stroller straps work great. Amazing diaper bag! Well worth the price!Ē Ė J. Buhro
I love organization. I'm the type of person who labels things and has a place for everything. This bag was made for me. I love that it has separate pockets for everything so I can find things quickly when I need them. I dont use this as my everyday bag because I think it is too big. However, anytime we do a day trip or an overnight I use this bag. I actually wish they would make a little brother to this bag so I could have a smaller everyday bag. Ė EC in WV


The Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack Bag is a great choice for many reasons. It large enough to carry everything you need and many things that you want. The best part is that it keeps everything organized and easy to get to. If you do a lot of traveling, this would be a great investment that could help to make your trips more enjoyable.

Date Reviewed: May 23, 2012, 12:25 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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