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There is no real way to fight aging, but this book comes close in showing you techniques to help with this process.


I find the information from this handbook to be very useful and benefical

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Old School New Body from Steve and Becky Holman
Old School New Body Review
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Old School New Body For Health!

Old School New Body is a system designed to slow down the aging process through diet and exercise. This system was put together by “Steve and Becky Holman.” 
Steve’s years as editor-in-chief at Iron Man magazine gave him access to people who are experts in the anti-aging process. The husband and wife team believe in five key principles that reverses aging process. The aging process is reversed and begins to restore the body’s natural hormones.

What are the five Principles for aging reversal?
  1. No low fat diets.
  2. Less time spinning your wheels.
  3. Stop playing the blame game.
  4. Stay hydrated.
  5. Work out smarter and not harder. 
Adhering to these principles through proper diet and exercise means the aging process can be reversed. The authors encourage following a routine that is easily adaptable to anyone or any age. This book is a guide of the tips and techniques for exercising less. The idea behind this system is to exercise hard and smart in a short period of time.

The authors stressed that this is information that can be easily obtained through research. However they have put together a time saving handbook for you to embrace for yourself.

This program works equally well for both men and women. The system is for people of all ages and no matter what gender.
Focus 4 Exercise Protocol (F4X)

F4X a system developed to help people focus on getting in great shape within their limited time schedule. The system focuses on a highly specific approach to exercise. The system uses a unique combination of exercise movements that can be used by anyone.
This approach has worked for many people who have used this method. The system is based on the fact that you do not have to work long, but you do have to work hard. This method is not complicated or dangerous.
The process is tailored to help weight loss, shape muscle, and regain health.

F4X has three phases.

Phase 1 is designed for weight loss with slight variations in nutrition and movement style. Through the movements and a nutritious meal plan weight loss can be obtained. By following phase 1, a person can maintain weight loss and stay fit.

Phase 2 is where a person can add more muscle to their body if they want to proceed. Following a different change in movements and diet can give the body a more lean muscle. This shape phase allows a person to burn even more body fat because of the added muscle. Because muscle burns ninety five percent of calories at rest, the more you have, then the more food you can eat. This means that even while your body is resting you are burning calories because of your motor is running efficiently.

Phase 3 involves the building a more muscular body without the bulk. The same basic plans are followed with some variations again in diet and movements. By following this phase a person can add fifteen to twenty pounds of muscle naturally.

Having the three phases gives a person control over when and how much weight they choose to lose. You are given control over how much muscle a person chooses to gain. This is maintenance program as well as a fat loss system.

Four Exercises

The core of the exercise program involves four exercises that are used in different variations and movements. The four exercises are targeted specifically to be done in a unique way and manner. 

The F4X protocol is a system that can be easily followed by those seeking to change their lifestyle and seek healthier alternatives to diet and exercise.
Date Reviewed: August 22, 2012, 9:59 am
Reviewed by evan75
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