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It makes composing images in all condiitons far easier, it makes you hold the camera up to your eye when composing photos so it is easy to ensure horizons are straight, it works with all types of Olympus Pen cameras.


The vf2 viewfinder is expensive, but it is wortevery cent.


The vf2 viewfinder is an essential accessory for the Olympus PEN camera, and if oyu only ever buy on accessory for your PEN camera then it should be the vf2 viewfinder.

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Olympus vf2 viewfinder from Olympus
Olympus Vf2 Viewfinder Review
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Olympus vf2 viewfinder review - The ultimate accessory for Olympus cameras

I bought the Olympus vf2 viewfinder to use on my Olympus e pl1. The Olympus e pl1 is a fantastic camera however it doesnít have an optical view finder of any sort. This means the only way to compose photographs is holding the camera out at armís length and using the LCD screen on the rear of the epl1. Using the LCD screen is fine in dull and overcast conditions, but in bright sunlight it is more problematic. In sunlight you will find a lot of glare and reflections on the LCD screen which makes it almost impossible to compose the photograph. Glare and reflections donít only affect the Olympus e pl1, they affect all digital cameras with no optical viewfinder.

When composing a photograph holding a camera at armís length and using the LCD screen it can be difficult to ensure the horizons are straight which will ruin the photograph, especially landscape images. Using the vf2 viewfinder means you have to hold the camera up to your eye, which is not only more natural but also makes it easier to hold the camera straight when taking photographs.

When you buy the Olympus vf2 viewfinder you will get the viewfinder, a protective cover that fits tightly over the electrics, a small cloth bag and a user manual and thatís it. The first thing you will notice about the Olympus vf2 viewfinder is the size. This optical view finder is tiny and barely seems big enough but once you attach it to your cameraís hot shoe and use it you will soon discover it is the perfect size.

The Olympus vf2 viewfinder is a well made product that is built to last. Even though it is made out of plastic, it is tough and durable and will last. Even once it is on the camera the vf2 feels snug and doesnít flex. The vf2 really is a top quality product that is worth every cent.
The Olympus vf2 viewfinder doesnít need batteries since it gets power from your cameraís battery in order to work. Using the vf2 view finder will deplete your cameraís battery life, but not to a great extent so you shouldnít experience too many problems with this. Besides, if you want to stop using the vf2 viewfinder and revert back to the LCD screen you can do so at any time with the touch of a button.

Using the Olympus vf2 viewfinder is childís play and whilst you will get a user guide in the box you donít need to read it. Simply remove the protective cover from the viewfinder and insert it in to the cameraís hot shoe fitting and press the button on the side of the viewfinder. To revert back to the LCD screen press the button once more. The button is conveniently placed so you can toggle between using the viewfinder and the LCD screen quickly and easily, although I find that I only ever use the viewfinder. The vf2 is bright, clear and makes composing photographs very easy and the sun will never be a problem again. The vf2 viewfinder also makes composing photographs easy in low light conditions.

The vf2 viewfinder has an adjustable arm which allows you to alter the angle, which makes using the viewfinder easier and far more comfortable. This adjustable arm is a nice touch and is a great feature of the vf2.

The Olympus vf2 viewfinder is compatible with many different types of Olympus mirrorless cameras including the epl1, epl2 and the epl3.

The Olympus vf2 viewfinder is not cheap. In fact, it is a very expensive accessory but it is a product that is well worth buying. After all, whatís the point in having a camera you canít use in bright and sunny conditions.

So, would I recommend the Olympus vf2 viewfinder? The answer to this is a resounding yes. The vf2 viewfinder has made using my e pl1 a lot easier and my photographs have greatly improved as a result. I no longer suffer from wonky horizons, I can compose images in the brightest sunlight with no problems and I can compose images in low light too. It truly is an awesome product and something all Olympus users should consider buying. If you only buy one accessory for your Olympus e pl1 or pen series camera make sure it is the vf2 viewfinder.

Date Reviewed: August 6, 2012, 5:06 pm
Reviewed by foto_reviewer
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