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Online Dating Statistics:

In researching dating sites to decide whether to take the plunge, I became fascinated with online dating statistics. Since so much of online dating comes down to people's stats, I wanted to know how reliable the method is as a system for meeting people and making a true connection. I've been skeptical. Mainly because I'm a romantic and the words "statistics" and "love" have never had a happy marriage, in my mind!  It has always bugged me that you're each providing a bunch of dry information which then gets assessed by you and the other person, to determine whether you'll connect. I don't find that a turn on! Plus I like the excitement of being out and about in the world and suddenly meeting someone… striking up a conversation at a party or even being set up by friends and knowing you are already connected to this person as a result of that mutual friendship.

Reality Check:

That said, I have to confess that I'm not really spending as much time socializing these days, because I'm focused on work and home life. Which means, statistically speaking, I have fewer opportunities to meet people. Plus, the chances of meeting someone in a random way are a lot less than going to a place where a bunch of single people are coming together with the intent to date. That's why I decided to give Match a try, despite my reservations. Sometimes you just can't argue with the numbers and ultimately, I'm "open to new things" which is a statement I would probably start to write on my Match bio before realizing how that sounds. Oh, the dreaded profile essay! 

Surprising Online Dating Statistics:

Another big reason I've now come to advocate checking out a dating site is because of the statistical findings I uncovered during my research. Science Daily has released a steady stream of studies about the world of online dating and I was extremely surprised by their results. According to a study released in 2012, Online Dating has actually surpassed all other forms of meeting, including meeting through a friend. As far as marriage goes, 1 in 5 Americans currently find their new spouse via online dating websites! And it isn't just for the 20 something crowd. Online dating is extremely popular for people between the ages of 40 and 70 and the over 60s crowd is the fastest growing demographic.

I have to say, that shattered my myth about online dating being just a meat market… which was another reason I avoided it. I think culturally, our lives have transitioned to being lived much more in our own little bubbles. We're all working a lot longer hours than prior generations, for one thing. Also, a lot of people work at home now and if you have kids, how can you ever find the time for anything other than looking after them and providing for them? It's tough!! 

All these studies on dating really emphasize ease of access as being a primary reason dating sites are so effective. They also caution that there is no hard science to their algorithm for matching you with people based on an extensive personality assessment. However, I think those tools can be useful for engaging you more fully in the process of meeting someone. And dating sites' methods of matching have gotten scientific in other ways. Did you know google detects patterns in what you search for and sends more of it your way? Dating sites do the same thing. They detect patterns in who you find appealing and start to feed you more of those types of people. But the process of fishing through all your potential matches can get overwhelming for some folks. If you're one of those people, sites like Chemistry offer a good alternative because they do the filtering for you, which is a time saver and many people find it a more manageable solution. 

Finally, the studies caution against developing a shopping mentality, which can set in. If you're not careful, you might end up overlooking a more compatible match in favor of more superficial criterion, as a result of only going by statistics. 

What Features does Offer? is frequently cited in the Science Daily studies because it's one of the top, best known and most respected dating sites on the web. Here are some of it's standout features:

Membership Base - has one of the biggest membership bases of any internet dating site, which is it's main draw. It's the most recognizable name in the industry so you're going to find the largest pool of prospective matches on this site. It's name also engenders trust, which is an important factor because that draws the right people into the fold.

Price - Match is very reasonably priced. Their 3 month standard package is just $22.99/month which includes mobile access. If you want extras like email read notification, a highlighted profile and "first impressions" which gives your profile priority to be mailed to new members, you can get a 6 month package for the same rate of $22.99/month. In general, I advise going the paid route with your dating site because it acts as a filter and shows a level of commitment to the process. 

I'd also highly recommend checking out more than one site. Each site will draw in a somewhat different user base. Match is the top pic, but other options would be Chemistry or eHarmony. I'll be honest, I personally have had the best experience on eHarmony but I have a friend who loves Match so it really depends on your personality. That's why I recommend diversifying. These sights are just a resource to expand your possibility of meeting someone.

Search options - Match has extensive search options which are continuing to evolve. You can set specific search parameters with a list of very specific criterion about age, height and any other detail you'd like. You can also search based on the similarity of your interests or based on your details matching the type of person someone is requesting.

Communication features - MatchPhone is a really cool feature that enables you to receive calls and text messages without your private information ever being revealed. Additionally there are the standard features of match email, winks and likes. You can also tell who has viewed your profile.

Special features -  

quizzes - Match has created quizzes which are designed to help them get a clearer picture of the type of person you're drawn to. As I mentioned, Science Daily concludes these are not scientific so don't put too much stock in them but they do help narrow down certain variables... Science? No. Math? Yes. Anyway, real world matchmakers are not scientific either so that's something to chew on. I like these quizes because they're a fun way to keep you engaged on the site and getting involved… gets you involved in… looking for someone to get involved with. Keep your eye on the prize when it comes to this process. Stay focused on the fact that you are looking for companionship and this is just another venue for you to do that.

mobile dating -  Mobile dating is booming right now and will continue to increase as people do more and more on their smart phones. This is an ease of use feature. It just means wherever you are you can check your messages and respond which is super convenient.

date spark - with date spark you propose your ideal date then put that out there and see who responds or vice versa. You can respond to a date spark that looks appealing to you. This is kind of a fun feature that also helps you get in the game while learning about potential matches in a way that doesn't put too much on the line. 

If you relax and enjoy, this doesn't have to be as uncomfortable as it seems at first. It's sort of like awkward Facebook. Don't take it all too seriously and recognize what an incredible boon it is to have that kind of access to people who are looking for the same thing you are! It's actually extremely cool when you think about it. I'm really not into bar scenes and clubs so I don't often find myself in environments designed to connect people that way. I've really come to embrace this method of matchmaking and I've personally had great luck with it.

My conclusion:

As far as your dating site options go, is your safest bet with the largest user base and the most options. So, if you're looking for a way to connect with more people and improve your chances of meeting that special someone, science has actually proven Match is the way to go. Click on any of the links connected to this review to check out their home page and start your search.

Date Reviewed: March 15, 2012, 10:34 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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