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OptionVue Review From: OptionVue Systems International, Inc.

Innovative features to help achieve profitable trades, quality automated trade analysis

Online trading platform can be occasionally unreliable; customer service is slow to respond

Sophisticated online trading system with excellent analysis. If your exclusive focus is options trading, this is the selection for you.

OptionVue Options Trading System Review - What are real traders seeing for results?

OptionVue Options Trading System is a specialized online trading program for options trades. The company OptionVue Systems International, Inc. has been a leader in the options trading and analysis software area since 1983.

Its latest software version OptionVue 6 is used by customers all over the world. The software is well-suited for traders with varying levels of experience, and among options trading and analysis platforms, OptionVue 6 is considered one of the leaders.

Feature-rich Trading System

OptionVue offers unique features that enable traders to perform effective trades online in real time from any part of the world. It includes OpScan, which is a real time scanning service that helps to identify potential trading opportunities. Its BackTrader software tool is among the most powerful back-testing tools in the business with historical data that goes back to 2001.

Another interesting feature of this platform is the HedgeFinder, which is an ideal tool to chart risk and create hedging strategies for the complete portfolio. The platform also includes a number of advanced option trading and analysis tools that are specially designed to meet the needs of an options trader. The system has been built around professional level analytics and is designed by experienced option traders.

Stock Watchlist and Alerts

The user friendly OptionVue 6 System allows you to create a customized watch list of all the stocks you wish to track. When you are evaluating a trade, the system will provide you with a clear graphical representation of the possible risks and rewards of such trade. The “probability of profit” feature comes in handy for traders who are considering a buying decision.

Your customized watch list of stocks will link to its relevant option chains and other related information. This network is called the “Matrix”. The matrix can be customized to incorporate columns of information, and it can also be organized into groups such as trades, indices, and Dow30 stocks. You are also allowed to set alerts for your target stocks, which can also be a part of your Matrix.

Portfolio Manager

OptionVue 6 includes a portfolio manager that enables trading with multiple broker accounts. After you feed the account details and other information such as interest rate, broker fees, and transactions, it will provide you an ongoing net position report. You are free to enter your trades with your broker directly from the program, and it will build a transaction blog.

Trade Finder

Trade Finder is an innovative feature of OptionVue 6. It allows you to utilize your current watch list in combination with your own technical analysis. You can seek various option strategy choices from the program to help you maximize your trading profits in accordance with where you expect the price of the underlying to be within a given timeframe. You can even use it to include current option positions in the final recommendation.

Automated Trade Analysis

OptionVue 6 prides on its speedy and accurate trade analysis. The company has used its three decades of experience and research and development to come up with an automated analysis system that uses accurate option price modeling techniques. The system enables you to view theoretical trade performance at any price, date, and market condition in the future.

What Others are Saying

Customer reviews about the OptionVue trading platform and software are mixed. Experienced users are more positive about the program’s innovative trading features, and find it an overall versatile program. However, some customers find the software performance to be unreliable occasionally, and customer service is slow to respond.

Date Reviewed: October 28, 2011, 4:42 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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