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An outstanding picture, great price and flexible hook ups makes this projector a solid buy.


The only real con I see here is the 3D technology has some complaints and it should have included glasses.


This is a solid projector that will be popular for a very long time. It is awesome for the price.

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Optoma HD33 3D Projector from Optoma
Optoma HD33 3D Projector Review
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REVIEW: Optoma HD33 Projector (3D, 1080p)

When it comes to projectors, Optoma is one of the better names on the market. They are readily popular in the genre and with good reason; they make solid projectors at fair prices. It was with lots of interest that I began researching the Optoma HD33 3D projector. This projector has tons of great reviews out there, but I wanted to really do some digging to find out what the fuss was all about. What I found was that this projector is a fantastic value overall, with some minor complaints here and there. Overall, it is a very solid projector. It is certainly an improvement on the previously released HD20 model.

What is the picture like on the Optoma HD33 3D projector?

Because the unit offers up 1800 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 4000:1, the picture is stunning at any size up to 300 inches. It also has the PureMotion image processing feature which limits shudder and keeps things nice and smooth on the screen. With a 1080p DLP chipset, the picture is not likely to be the reason behind anyone complaining about this unit. True to it's statistics and reviews, the Optoma HD33 3D projector gives a great picture for the money.

Can the Optoma HD33 projector really look good at 300 inches?

This claim was one that I could not help but to question, as I have watched projectors at this size in the past. I was always disappointed with the picture quality, brightness and contrast on screens that large. While some of the super-expensive units were capable of the large screen picture, this unit was hard to believe. That said, I started really digging into the reviews. After going through countless online reviews and talking with a couple of folks who had owned the unit, I am now convinced. The Optoma HD33 3D projector does, in fact, keep it's picture quality when expanded to 300 inches.

This is huge news for those that like to have movie night, put on demonstrations and other gathering types of video needs. Being able to shoot the movie or presentation up on a 300 inch screen or wall makes a number of complicated problems suddenly very easy. If you have never watched a movie on a screen that size at home, you will soon understand what real home entertainment can be like when you do. It is phenomenal.

Don't projectors die really quickly?

Projectors don't "die" but they do have to have lamps replaced on occasion. The projector lamp on the Optoma HD33 3D projector is rated at 4000 hours standard and 3000 hours if you run it in the bright mode all the time. That seems like a small amount of time, but when you think of it in terms of movies, it is not. In standard mode you can watch nearly 3000 movies before changing the projector lamp at that rating. (Not a perfect example but it gives you a general idea) 

What about hook ups?

This is the best thing about the Optoma HD33 3D projector in my view. You can hook up your computer, Blu-ray, DVD, Video Game and virtually every other gadget known to man with no problems or adapters. It simply plugs in the back and you are off to the races. The projector even offers up 3D technology, but that will be talked about in a minute. The flexibility of this projector is second to none.

How good is the 3D technology?

This is the one area where I would have to say I am disappointed. I am not disappointed in this specific projector, but in the technology itself. I simply don't find the 3D to be all that awesome. It looks okay, but it certainly is not something I would want to watch on a regular basis. That said, lots of folks love the 3D technology and think this machine is a shining example of it. Some people complain about the 3D aspect of this projector but I suspect they are like me and not really into that whole aspect of home video. Another minus is the lack of 3D glasses. Those should be included if you are going to tout that aspect of the machine.

Final Analysis

The Optoma HD33 3D projector is a solid projector at a solid price-point. If you are going to invest money in a good projector, this one can certainly be a solid choice for your money. I rate it a very good buy. Optoma is known for quality products and this one is a good example of that earned reputation.
Date Reviewed: April 27, 2012, 9:30 pm
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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