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All natural remedy using household products. No side effects.


No independent customer reviews of the system. Good diet and lifestyle available on forums.


Recommended for people who feel they need detailed guidance and advice in order to initiate lifestyle changes.

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"Out With Gout" by Joe Barton - REVIEW

They call it the 'Disease of Kings.'

But gout is much more common than your average Monarchy!

Gout has this reputation because it is associated with rich food and alcohol consumption (associations which turn about to be somewhat tenuous, in fact).

It also has a reputation for being extremely painful and debilitating.

Your doctor will likely prescribe painkillers - which may relieve but of course won't cure the condition.

So what if you could, 'cure gout pain from home.'

That's what they're saying at 'Out with Gout.'

Cure gout pain with three simple grocery items, says Joe Barton, promotor of 'Out with Gout.

So how do you know if you're suffering from gout? Well the most common symptom is intense pain in your big toe. Often it wakes sufferers in the middle of the night. The toe will be swollen reddened and crippling to walk on.

Welcome to the world of one of mankind's longest-known diseases - a form of arthritis which suddenly attacks joints with a deep, persistent pain. 

It is caused by needle-like crystals of uric acid forming in connective tissue or in-between bones, responsible for heat, pain, redness, stiffness and swelling.

No thanks!

Because men have a higher level of uric acid in their bodies, gout affects more men than women; plus age seems to play a role. Very few cases of gout have been diagnosed in children and young adults.

Being overweight definitely doesn't help; and there does appear to be a genetic component.

Gout is usually treated by anti-inflammatory drugs - which may relieve inflammation and associated pain but won't reduce the level of uric acid in the body. 

But it is generally agreed that proper diet, nutrition, and metabolic balance all play crucial roles in the prevention and treatment of this disease. 

And a heavy diet, particularly 'organ meats' that increase the amount of uric acid in the body, and alcohol consumption, which can hinder the removal of uric acid by the kidneys, are not recommended.

Out with Gout outlines 'some highly effective alternative treatments and home remedies.' 

Joe Barton's 'Gout Sufferer's Bible' claims to sift the 'contradictory' information on gout, to weed through the websites and books and deliver 'rock-solid' prevention strategies.

You'll learn the 7 best alternative treatments available, along with detailed information on diet and gout.

Plus tons of resources for further study, so you can check out medical journals and backing for the research.

So do the remedies work?

Well there are plenty of positive endorsements on Joe Barton's website - which is to be expected.

'I started your gout natural remedy on Tuesday PM and by Wednesday my gout symptoms and pain were gone!' said one. 'You really have discovered a natural gout cure.'

'The throbbing aching pain went away within 20 minutes...' said another.

'Thank you for the list of good gout foods vs. bad gout foods that I will take to the grocery store.'

The report costs $39.97 as a digital download and the remedies are all natural and safe for everyone.

So what do the independent reviewers say?

Unfortunately I could find no independent customer reports on this product. There are some websites which review the product favorably.

'This is the fastest working acute arthritis/gout relief we found, it will provide relief within hours,' said one.

And all the experts agree that weight loss and diet change are the best way to prevent further attacks of gout. There is plenty of free advice available on diet (cherries, for example, are recommended) but the Out with Gout program will give you detailed advice on specific foods.

So if you feel that you would benefit from following a specific program, then this product could be for you.

But without independent reviews or a report on the CBEngine, an independent firm tracking products sold in the digital marketplace, I cannot unreservedly recommend Out with Gout.
Date Reviewed: February 27, 2012, 2:40 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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