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A with BBB, a top pic for credit repair, free consultation, personal advisor, risk free guarantee


They have a couple of negative reviews on the web.


A solid option. I gave my alternative pic if you prefer to go with another company.

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Ovation Credit Repair from Ovation Credit
Ovation Review Can They Improve Your Bad Credit Rating
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Ovation Review - Can they repair your bad credit rating

Bad Credit Rating Blues:

Ok, so you discovered you have bad credit or maybe you've known it all along, you're getting ready to make a big purchase and you're dreading the outrageous interest rates. Realistically, is there anything you can do and if so, what company should you take action with? That's what we'll explore in this article. 

Even if you think you know why you've got bad credit, it's essential to review your credit score thoroughly. you can go to Annual Credit Report or directly to the three bureaus: Transunion, Experian and Equifax. You are entitled to a free copy of your credit report if you're unemployed and plan on looking for work, you're on welfare, or your report is inaccurate because of fraud or identity theft.  If you don't qualify, the cost for your report is @ $9-$12.95. You will need to provide this report to any company helping you repair your credit. You can request the report as many times as you like and it won't affect your credit score. You don't want anyone else to request the report but you, because if someone else does it that actually has a negative effect on your credit score. So if  a company offers to do it for you, that's not a company you want to give your business to. 

Now What?

So now you have your credit report and while it may be painful to look at, there are a couple of key things you want to look for: First, you of course want to look for inaccuracies. Sometimes the credit bureaus just make mistakes and then suddenly you're in their system incorrectly and because it's so bureaucratic, that can take a  lot of time and effort to resolve, even if you're in the right. It's kind of like going up against a traffic cop who wrote one wrong letter on the drivers license of the ticket he handed out and now you're stuck holding the bag. This kind of thing happens and it can be a hassle to resolve.

You also want to be clear about date because there is a statute of limitations on credit matters. If your debt has fallen beyond the statute of limitations for being collected on or being reported, you can tell your creditor to desist, end of story. So you'll want to know whether any of your old debts qualify to be dismissed. This is one of the reasons you'll want to work with a credit repair company. They know the ins and outs of the laws better than you or I ever could… or would ever want to!

So how is Ovation?

Ovation has an A rating with the BBB and has been in business since 1979 (originally as Ovation Law.) They offer a no-risk refund policy if they don't deliver the services promised and they average 19 improvements per client. You get a free consultation and are assigned an advisor to work with you each month. Realistically, you should start to see some results within 45-60 days and credit score improvement within 6 months. 

They also have a really useful tool, where you enter your debt in and they create a repayment schedule for you, based on which of their 7 options works best for you.

Ovation lists some encouraging statistics on their website: 

1. 79% of credit reports contain some type of error.

2. 25 % of all credit reports contain errors serious enough to result in the denial of credit.

3. 29% of consumers have variances of 50 points or more in their credit score as reported by each of the three major credit bureaus

4. 54% of credit reports contain personal demographic identifying information that was misspelled, long-outdated, belonged to a stranger, or was otherwise incorrect

5. 30% of credit reports contain credit accounts that had been closed by the consumer but incorrectly remained listed as open.

When you look at these stats (especially number 2!) it's easy to see that mistakes can happen… which leads to things getting ugly for you. It's also clear why you need to get your report from all three bureaus to check for inconsistencies. 

Any Dirt?

Ovation is one of the top options out there but doing due diligence, the company doesn't have quite the pure online reputation of some other top competitors. I noticed one especially outraged consumer who was very unhappy with his results. In an industry like credit repair, I'm not surprised that tempers would flare. Money is definitely a challenging subject and bad credit has seriously devastating consequences, to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars paid to future lenders as a result of a bad credit score. 

People want to see improvement and when they don't see significant improvement they can feel like they wasted their time and money. That is the risk you take in general, when you go about trying to repair your credit, whether you spend hours and hours of your own time to do it or whether you entrust the process to a professional. Personally, I would trust the process to a company that really knows the ins and outs of the system. Ovation charges a one time $79 fee and $39/month for their Essentials program.

My advice:

You can check out Ovation but if you want a company with a sterling online presence (and who doesnt?), my recommend is Sky Blue. Any of the buttons on this krit will take you to Sky Blue, or follow this link to check out my review of Sky Blue for more details. Sky Blue has an A+ with the BBB and I could not find any complaints about them in user forums. You can also click on any of the links connected to this review to check out Sky Blue for yourself.

Date Reviewed: March 26, 2012, 9:33 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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