Ox of Wall Street Penny Stock Newsletter
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Ox Of Wall Street Penny Stock Newsletter From: The Ox of Wall Street

The newsletter is available free of cost.

Compensated newsletter; no disclosure about how many subscribers receive the newsletter.

The Ox of Wall Street is a compensated newsletter, which may compromise its objectivity of stock alerts. Be extremely cautious and use independent judgment even if you subscribe to this free newsletter.

Ox of Wall Street (Penny Stock Newsletter) - Legitimate, or Biased? Here's Our Review...

The Ox of Wall Street is a free e-Newsletter providing alerts and recommendations about penny stocks exclusively to its subscribers. The company insists that it believes in quality and not quantity of alerts. It does not issue alerts every day or every week. It issues alerts only when it identifies a real opportunity that it has researched extensively and truly believes to be a lucrative investment for both short-term and long-term gains. 

Type of Penny Stocks Chosen

Ox of Wall Street alerts the subscribers to potentially promising penny stocks listed on the OTC Bulletin Board and AMEX. The company claims to typically look at the experience and proven track record of a company’s top management, market potential of its products and services, growth prospects of the sector, existing client portfolio, and proven performance record. It does not provide alerts on pink sheet stocks because of a lack of readily available information.

Membership Benefits

The Ox of Wall Street claims to perform extensive research and due diligence and the subscribers are free and exclusive beneficiaries of this information. Its due diligence process allows The Ox to know the company and its management team closely, which may be crucial information when evaluating your choices for penny stock investment. The company also maintains a track of the stock alerts it has issued, so as to provide further guidance and updates about the stock. This helps the investors to know where exactly the stock is headed.

The Ox’s Stock Evaluation Criteria

The Ox of Wall Street penny stock newsletter uses standardized criteria to evaluate most penny stocks. It attaches 35 percent weight to the quality, experience, and proven track record of the management team. It prefers companies with experience rather than young start-ups where the risks are usually higher. This is common among penny stock programs.

Secondly, The Ox looks at whether the products or services sold by the company have a sufficient future growth potential. If the demand for such products and services in the market is on the rise, the company may short-list such stocks. It attaches 30 percent weight to growth potential. 20 percent weight is attached to any recent positive news or update about the company, and 15 percent weight to the overall sector’s performance in which the company operates.

Compensated Newsletter

The Ox of Wall Street declares that it is a compensated newsletter, but it claims to accept compensation only from a company it has researched and believes to have real potential for gains in the stock market. When it receives compensation for an alert, it discloses such information in its newsletter as required by the SEC. The company’s opening line of its disclaimer says it all: “We are engaged in the business of advertising and promoting companies.” 

Date Reviewed: October 11, 2011, 3:12 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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