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Natural ingredients, less chances of side effects


Identity of the manufacturer unknown, and no scientific data to support the company’s claims about the product


If you are looking for a natural solution to provide relief from itchy hives, try OxyHives in consultation with your doctor.

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OxyHives (Itchy Hive Relief, All Natural) REVIEW - Are real customers "itching" for more?

OxyHives is an all-natural formula which provides relief from itchy hives. The product comes in the form of an easy-to-use spray that must be used sublingually. The company recommends that the spray should be used up to three times a day by keeping it beneath the tongue so that the ingredients mix quickly with the bloodstream and provide faster relief. The company that sells OxyHives does not disclose its identity on its official website.


The company claims that OxyHives is a 100 percent natural, safe, and homeopathic treatment that provides relief from the symptoms of hives. The product will not make you feel drowsy or cause any other adverse side effects, according to the company. Hives is a common skin problem that can affect anyone at any age.

This problem can be caused due to a variety of reasons ranging from emotional stress to allergic food reactions. The blend of all-natural homeopathic ingredients in OxyHives helps reduce the symptoms and provides relief from itching. The ingredients of this product have been used in natural medicine for many years to address the isolated symptoms of hives.


OxySleep contains a number of active homeopathic ingredients that are recognized for providing relief from itching, swelling, and pain. Apis Mellifica 200C is a key ingredient that helps calm stinging sensation, itching, pain, and swelling. It also provides relief from eruptions and nettle-like rashes on the skin. Arnica Montana 6X is a common homeopathic treatment for pain and inflammation caused due to boils, bruises, or sprains. It helps relieve pain, swelling, and redness in the affected areas.

Ichthyolum is a sulfur based ingredient that works like an antiseptic on the affected skin in order to reduce inflammation and pain. Lachesis 30C is a homeopathic remedy that helps relieve skin sensitivity and reduces the burning sensation in the affected skin. Hepar 6X helps treat nettle-like rashes that are sensitive and sore. Mercurius Solubilis 200C helps achieve relief from severe itching in the ears and hands, and other symptoms of redness, swelling, and a tingling sensation.


The company sells OxyHives at a variable price. One bottle is sold at $39.95, two bottles at $69.95, four bottles at $119.95, and six bottles at $159.95. Each order comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, subject to the package being unopened and unused.


OxyHives is not a medical treatment or cure for itchy hives. The content of this product review must not be construed as medical advice, and the product may not be suitable in your case. Consult your physician before taking this homeopathic formula. If you suffer from any existing medical condition or are taking any other medications or health supplements, do not use OxyHives. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children should also avoid using this product.

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OxyHives receives fairly positive reviews from a majority of users. At, four customers out of 10 have given it 5 stars, which is a very good response for such a product. However, some of the customers are dissatisfied with the effectiveness of the product which detracts from the stellar reviews it has received otherwise. 

Date Reviewed: November 16, 2011, 2:52 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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