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PC Pandora is a pro at privately recording your child's Internet activity, from taking screenshots to copying passwords and secret Internet messages.


It won't stop kids from visiting illicit websites; it's only meant as a private monitoring tool.


If you want to monitor your child's Internet habits, then PC Pandora is a worthy investment.

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PC Pandora from Pandora Corp
PC Pandora Review
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PC Pandora (Spy Software) - FULL REVIEW

It's finally time: Your child is ready to brace the Internet.  But before you let go of your virtual reins, you want to ensure his or her e-surfing experience will be pleasant, strictly PG-13, and won't be laden with impromptu visits to illicit websites.

Here's where PC Pandora comes in.  Called a "parental control utility" by Neil J. Rubenking of PC Mag, this lightweight program secretly tracks your child's every move--from logging into secure websites to even his or her webcam use.  Passwords, secret websites, and even chat logs are not safe from the stealthy grips of this parent-approved "spygram," which, luckily enough, even installs in stealth mode.  Your child won't even know it's there.

PC Pandora has its set of benefits and drawbacks, naturally.  It certainly isn't the only parental control utility on the market; programs such as WebWatcher or Spector Pro also monitor your child's Internet habits secretly.  As a major drawback, it's one of the few programs that won't prevent kids from visiting certain websites, typing certain phrases, or participating in illegal online activity.  However, this program is considered one of the best spygrams on the market, though you'll need to pay a pretty penny to do so.

What is PC Pandora?

PC Pandora, as explained before, is what is called a "parental control utility", or PCU.  Its job is to keep track of your child's activity on the Internet--essentially a secret, computer-controlled spy on wheels.

By default, PC Pandora begins working immediately after installation.  There is no additional funny work to do; simply reboot to start it up immediately in stealth mode.  From there, it spies on your child's Internet movements, from taking interval-timed screen shots to tracking the information he or she types into websites, email messages, and instant messaging systems, such as Yahoo! Messenger.

As an additional measure of "spytection," PC Pandora also allows you to snap photos of whomever is using the computer, provided you have a webcam installed and plugged in.  This ensures your child isn't using your webcam for any illicit purposes, the most common being sexual exploits shown on camera.

After the information is gathered, you can review it at any time.  Websites are bundled together, screen shots are gathered, and other minuscule information are deposited right into your hands for easy viewing.  From there, you can choose to do whatever you need to do with this information.

Drawbacks of PC Pandora

As a PCU, PC Pandora surprisingly has few drawbacks.  The fee, which is actually a fee to buy the product plus an expensive monthly subscription for remote viewing, can add up fast--just the product alone costs $109.95.  Then there's the things that it won't do, such as blocking certain websites or shutting down the computer when your child has exceeded his or her computer usage limit.  For more control over your computer, you'll need something more sophisticated, such as Net Nanny, which retails for a fraction of the price.

What the Customers are Saying

On websites such as, where PC Pandora is sold, customers give it 4 out of 5 stars, citing "excellent performance" and "easy usability" as its main strengths.  Here is what some of them had to say:

"Was looking for cheap and easy way to monitor someone visibly taking steps to hide PC activity for unknown reasons.  PC Pandora came through with easy installation, low cost and ease of use."

"This thing works as advertised.  As a matter of fact - it is a little scary just how well this thing can snoop another PC."

"This is exactly the right product and has provided what I need and more, with the easiest download, installation, and set-up I have ever experienced.  An unexpected bonus: the promptness, responsiveness, and friendliness of the Pandora reps, with whom I emailed re: the shipping refund, was absolutely refreshing!"


If you're in the market for a simple, easy-to-install CPU that will simply monitor, but not control, your child's Internet activity, then you can't go wrong with PC Pandora.  It does all of this--plus more--in a simple interface, which privately monitors all Internet activity.  Just don't count on it to stop your child from browsing inappropriate websites however; other programs, such as Net Nanny, are more suited for this task.
Date Reviewed: March 6, 2012, 9:58 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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