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The product is easy to install. The product runs virtually silent so even the most web savvy child won't know it is there. The product does everything it says it will do.


The product can become a bit of a hard drive eater if not maintained. The product would be improved by allowing individual accounts for family members on shared computers.


A solid way for parents to know what their children are doing online without having to spend a fortune. A great buy by virtually every account I found.

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PC Tattletale from Parental Control Products LLC
PC Tattletale Review
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PC Tattletale (Internet Monitoring Software) REVIEW - Here's how it stacks up...

The world has certainly changed. Before the Internet, you only had to worry about pedophiles and miscreants out in public where your kids were concerned. These days, you have to worry about them in your own home. This is a byproduct of the society-altering world wide web. We have access to more than ever before, but we are more transparent as well. Our children are exposed to things online that we never even dreamed of. As a matter of fact, they often know more about these things than we do.

This is where a product like PC Tattletale comes in. 

Imagine being able to see every single place your kid goes online. Imagine knowing what they are doing and who they are doing it with. If you have this information in front of you, then you have some chance at least at keeping them safe from the world of online predators. PC Tattletale is designed to do exactly that, as well as some other pretty neat features. The question is, how well does it do what it says?

What exactly is PC Tattletale?

PC Tattletale is software that records every last thing that happens on your computer. It records every keystroke, every instant message, every email and website visited. If your child is doing anything that should not online, you should be able to see and prove it with PC Tattletale. 

The benefits of such a package are rather obvious. Kids are always finding new ways to get themselves into trouble and this is yet another tool in your parenting pocket to help keep them safe. Ignoring such a serious problem and allowing your child free reign on the Internet could lead to some very severe problems. PC Tattletale is certainly a solid idea in theory.

What are the primary features of PC Tattletale?

When it comes to parenting control software, PC Tattletale offers a pretty solid group of features. Each of these features are fairly well discussed in independent reviews across the web. Here are the primary features promoted along with what my research has revealed about their effectiveness:
  • PC Tattletale remembers passwords and every keystroke the computer makes at all times. This allows you as a parent to access areas of your child's online habits that they attempt to hide or cloak via password. All research has agreed that this is a solid and effective part of PC Tattletale.
  • PC Tattletale also records all chats, emails and instant messages. When it comes to scary online situations for kids, chat rooms are at or near the top. Online predators count on this type of communication to trick or lure your kids into a dangerous situation. Knowing who they are chatting with and why is always a good thing. PC Tattletale does this very effectively.
  • PC Tattletale records screen shots to make it very clear what your child is doing online. This comes in very handy if the child denies what they are doing, or if you want to confront them with proof to face a situation. Though this feature works well, you do need to go in and clean up your hard drive to prevent these from cluttering your system.
  • PC Tattletale monitors and records every website visited by your wee ones and even offers a password protected way to limit their visits to sites that do not contain certain keywords. While this can be very effective in general, a web savvy kid can find their way around the keyword thing. You can also eliminate certain URLs by putting them into a filter. Knowing where they go online is a huge advantage for a parent, however, and PC Tattletale does this very well by all accounts.
  • All of these features are important, but they are worthless if the child knows they are being monitored. They will simply move their online habits to a new location outside of the home. For this reason, stealth is important. PC Tattletale runs in the background and does so with complete silence. Even the most web savvy child will not notice it and even if they did, they would not be able to turn it off. It is password protected. When a child tries to visit a website that is not allowed, they get a screen that looks like an error page rather than any type of notification that they are being screened. 

Should parents use PC Tattletale?

There is a small group of people out there that say that PC Tattletale is an example of parents not showing trust in their kids and that it harbors resentment and rebellion in a child. Parents have every right to feel that way but it is not something that the majority agrees with. This is not even totally about the child. It is about the various people and products out there that can harm our children. A child can have completely innocent intentions and still find themselves being preyed upon in this digital world.

For these reasons and more, products like PC Tattletale have a place in our parenting portfolio.

Final thoughts and conclusion

While PC Tattletale is not the only parenting internet software product on the market, it appears to be among the most complete. There are very few reviews out there that have anything bad to say about PC Tattletale. Everything out there says that it does exactly what it says it will do. The few complaints that do exist are due to limitations in the filtering system. 

PC Tattletale records everything. That means that you have to sift through everyone's Internet habits that use that computer. Unless your child has their own computer, that can mean hours of boring page flipping online. Another complaint that pops up often is that the software is nearly impossible to get rid of once you put it on the computer. Some seem to have no problem so this is likely a computer knowledge thing rather than a real problem.

Overall this system ranks highly for a very good reason... It does what it promises to do and does it well.

Date Reviewed: February 26, 2012, 5:18 pm
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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