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It removes some startup programs, which can improve the computer's speed.


Startup Booster may cause computer errors, sometimes rendering certain computer features inoperable.


This program isn't a good program for increasing your computer's speed.

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PC Optimizer Pro Startup Booster from Smart PC Solutions
PCOptimizerPro Startup Booster Review
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"Startup Booster" by PCOptimizerPro - FULL REVIEW

We often blame malware or annoying spyware on sluggish, slow computer speed, but have you thought about how you start up your computer?  Startup Booster, a system utility program, says having too many applications or programs during startup can slow down the computer--and I mean really slow it down--making it downright impossible to operate the computer.  By minimizing the number of applications or programs that start up after turning on your computer, you'll experience better operability and a faster computer to boot.

What Does Startup Booster Do?

Startup Booster is a bit of an anomaly--it's not exactly a registry cleaning program, nor does it really repair your operating system, such as ReImage.  But what it does is identify, and then remove, the programs that can slow down the computer during startup.  This, they say, can improve computer operability, improving your computer surfing experience.

Startup Booster identifies programs first by putting them into three categories: Programs needed for startup, harmful programs, and programs not necessary during startup.  Obviously, the program won't do anything about startup programs that are necessary for startup, so it leaves those alone.  However, it will try to erase or at least prevent programs from starting up that belong in the last two categories.

The second category, or harmful programs, are essentially programs that are suspected of malware activity.  Malware includes spyware, viruses, and worms.  If Startup Booster identifies any malware during startup, it will try to eradicate it through various means--usually by preventing it from starting up.  

The third category, or programs not necessary during startup, often includes safe programs that don't need to be launched during startup.  This includes programs such as a word processing program or instant messenger.  If these programs are identified as unnecessary during startup, it will try to prevent these programs from launching after turning on your computer.  This, they say, can increase computer speed, since your computer isn't spending so much time launching all of these programs at once.

Problems with Startup Booster

Startup Booster, while being a neat concept, is flawed.  Several customers report that the program freezes icons in the computer's menu, preventing them from dragging or dropping icons into the menu.  This may be in place to ensure the computer continues to stay fast--more icons may clog the computer--but it is terribly inconvenient.  

It may also disable programs that can limit computer usability, such as CD drives, which can only be reversed by doing a full system restore.  If you're not particularly tech-savvy, you probably won't know that system restore is the only way to reverse these problems, and you may completely reinstall your computer hardware to reverse the problem.  This, in case you don't know, causes you to lose all of your files and other important computer data.  That's not good.

What the Customers are Saying

Customers who have tried Startup Booster aren't raving about it--in fact, most of them dislike it.  Here's what they had to say:

"The problem with it is that it altered a file on my computer in which it caused this TrayApp error in which it needed the disk to install well I didn't have the disk for it.  I installed this on my brothers computer as well aside from the TrayAppp we feel it may have frozen his icons in which he can't drag and drop them."

"Start menu way way too fast.  Disabled my InCD.  May have other problems, but I didn't give it a chance to find out.  I had to reverse the changes by doing a system restore."

"I do not know I could not get it to work, sorry my one star may not be a fair evaluation."


Although the concept behind Startup Booster is unique, it still contains many flaws that can actually decrease computer operability.  For instance, it can disable certain functions, such as CD drives, which it erroneously considers to be unimportant during the startup launch process.  Because of this--and several complaints from consumers--this product isn't a good product for speeding up your computer.  Stick with something more reliable instead, such as PC Pandora.
Date Reviewed: March 13, 2012, 1:32 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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