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This is a tough one for me without having read the ebook to see what it's about fully. My PS3 is old enough, if it got messed up, I'd probably buy this instead of taking it to an expensive shop or sending it out. If I had a brand new one? Probably not.

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As a proud owner of a PS3 for great titles like the Uncharted Series and Killzone, I've been lucky enough to never have any issues with my machine over the past two years. The only issues were with PSN being hacked repeatedly and taken down but Sony gave us a few free games so that's that.

The PS3 is the more powerful machine this generation of consoles regardless of what people may say. The main differences are higher graphics resolution and the inclusion of the Blu-Ray player among other things. Many will argue this against the Xbox 360 but we're not here for that.

When the PS3 first launched, like the old Xbox 360 "red rings of death", PS3 owners instead would get a myriad of light colors and blinks. If you've ever had a console fail for no apparent reason, it's one of the most frustrating things in the world. Especially if you've just shelled out $60 for a brand new game only to stick it in the drive and get some stupid lights blinking with a black screen on your TV.

PS3 Lights Fix is pretty popular and they seem to have a lot to offer people having issues with their PS3. This could save you a ton of money and more importantly, waiting time if you have to send your PS3 to the manufacturer. Let's see what they offer.

PS3 Lights Fix Comes With:

Videos - Step by step tutorials on how to fix various problems your PS3 may have. This does include the YLOD and RLOD which are "yellow light of death" and "red light of death" respectively.

Ebook - Don't want to just use videos or maybe you like to use both at once? No problem. PS3 Lights Fix includes a large ebook that's full of PS3 information and error codes.

Pictures - A huge amount of pictures are included to help you know exactly what to do. These are in the ebook and also in a secondary tutorial book.

Members Area - Hear from others who have used PS3 Lights Fix and see how they got through the same problem you're having. Join the community and maybe make some friends for PSN. It's no fun to bowl alone on PSN that's for sure and some backup on Killzone is nice.

Instruction Manual - This is a step by step guide similar to the videos but in manual form sorted by specific error codes.

Customer Support - Unsure of something? They will tell you what to do and they have a quick response time.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee - This is always a good sign indicating the company making this knows you'll like it.

Special Bonuses - Free streaming software, region free unlocking and a few other things sweeten the deal. I use my PS3 for streaming wirelessly from my PC anyway but it would be nice to have more channels or movies available.

User Testimonials

Don Pardi (Yahoo! Answers)

"...I really liked that these detailed videos not only shows you particular steps, with a detailed shots on the PS3, but they also guide you step by step through the whole process..."

Anonymous (Squidoo Blogger)

"...from all the other guides that I've tested, PS3Lightsfix is the most effective, easy to follow and the most complete PS3 repair guide that's around..."

The Bottom Line

I was skeptical of this until I saw the 60-day money-back guarantee but that leads into the only problem. If you have to get into your PS3 in any way, you're warranty will be void and any chance of sending it back to the factory is gone. You could probably swap it for another one at Wal-Mart but even that's risky because eventually they'll figure out you messed with it when you shouldn't have. 

This is a tough call. If your PS3 is fairly old, this might be your best bet as the newer ones tend to be pretty stable but with a brand new machine, you'll be taking some risks. You do get the region-free capabilities and some other cool stuff so that might be tempting too. 

If you have a new machine, I wouldn't risk it. Older one? Go for it. Could save you a lot of waiting and warranties don't always mean they'll simply give you a new one, especially if it's some fault of yours in the first place like smacking it, spills and normal household abuse.
Date Reviewed: February 26, 2012, 11:28 am
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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