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Over 300 recipes to get you started! 8 weeks of diet plans. 30 day jump start to help you reach your goals.


Some recipes a bit harder, took longer than expected.


Excellent product. Provides the tools and resources to make a lifestyle change and the practical applications to change your diet for life.

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Paleo Recipe Book from Paleo Recipe Book
Paleo Recipe Book Review
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The Paleo Recipe Book REVIEW - What are people saying?

At first glance, this recipe book looks phenomenal!

Based on the principles of the Paleo Diet, this book has been created by Sebastien Noel to help you on your way with this diet.† It includes 370 recipes divided into 18 food categories.† This book is 100% Paleo approved, that is, there are no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no sugar, no vegetable oils and no preservatives.† There are recipes to provide you with desserts, snacks, breakfast, main courses, organ meats, side dishes and dips!

You get three bonus books!

In addition, you get three bonus books: a herb and spices with information on their traditional and medicinal uses, 30 extra simple to prepare meals to get you started and an 8 week meal plan to ensure you can stick to your program and help you with a seamless transition.†

What is the Paleo Diet?

It is essentially an attempt at teaching what basic nutrient sources we had available to us prior to the food revolution.† The author of the Paleo Solution, Robb Wolf, goes into detail on his blogspot referenced below if you want more details.† He takes a look at the diet from three scopes: The anthropological perspective, the microbiological perspective and clinical test groups based on real live modern intervention practices.†

Our ancestors lived cancer free and free of cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.

Our microbiology depends on our consumption of certain nutrients in order to function properly.† The least of our requirements are the macronutrients such as protein, fat and carbohydrates.† Not only can each of those groups be broken down into different types that we need more or less of, but what people donít generally appreciate is the fact that when we eat whole foods, from natural sources we are able to get the enzymes and phyto-chemicals that are needed by our cells to effectively catalyze metabolic reactions in our body.††

Think of our our body as a laboratory full of chemical processes.† The number of processes taking place each second to keep us operating would take up a city city block of laboratories.† To keep these reactions functioning optimally our body chemistry depends on the right catalyzing agents.† Not only that, as disgusting as it sounds, we have a host of micro-organisms living inside us that depend on that too!††

When you eat the wrong thing, all the time, the reactions donít fire.† The body will try to correct the misfire by stealing product or catalyzing agents from another reaction to keep things running smoothly for awhile Ė but if you have ever had to manage too many credit cards you know what happens after too many cycles of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul!† Everything comes crashing down.† Eating right is like keeping all of your accounts in the black!† This is what the Paleo diet is about.† This is what this cookbook helps you to achieve.† It will keep your body in the black!

What are the users saying?

The author Sebastien Noel had spent years overcoming bowel problems, migraines and yeast overgrowths.† When he came across this diet he was able to overcome all of these problems and regain his health.† The recipes accommodate all varying needs people have from different cultural backgrounds.

One user says it would have been more helpful if Sebastien could have provided support to the users to ensure they were staying on track and consuming the foods from the diet.† They also said they would have like alternatives to using leftovers in the next dayís meals in the meal plan either due to preferences or the fact that they didnít have any leftovers.

Another user said the key advantage to this cookbook are its practical applications in the form of a dietary plan and that It minimizes your time in the kitchen and gives you time to live a good healthy lifestyle.

Users from the caveman forums had some problems with lack of energy, and occasional dizziness when they started the program,† However, once their body adjusted they recovered with lots of energy.† Then, going off the diet they noticed considerable changes in how they felt.

I really was unable to find any negative feedback from users about the product.† More discussion in blogs about the diet and how to overcome problems.† The recipe book itself does not seem to be at issue.


This cookbook seems to have everything you need in the way of tools to send you on your way to a new healthy lifestyle.† I can give it nothing less than a hearty two thumbs up!!

Date Reviewed: December 16, 2011, 9:16 am
Reviewed by marilee
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