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Gives you a 60-day money back guarantee and it allows you to keep the mind reading tool.


The initial price is not bad for an e-course but the price to remain in the program can get quite high.


While some men might benefit from this program, I feel the company should change its marketing to let the customers know the real price of this course. The initial price is only for a 2-week trial period, the customer will pay hundreds of dollars for the rest of this 32-week course. There simply has to be a better alternative.

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Pandora's Box from Vin DiCarlo
Pandoras Box Review
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Vin DiCarlo's "Pandora's Box" - REVIEW

What exactly is Pandora’s Box? Well it is a program created by a man named Vin DiCarlo. He created this program to help other men learn how to ‘figure’ out a woman. This online course will help any man learn how to make any woman fall for him, simply using the techniques outlined in the course.

DiCarlo firmly believes that all women fit into one of eight different profile types. These eight types of women are, Cinderella, Playette, Hopeful Romantic, Connoisseur, Modern Woman, Private Dancer, Seductress, and the Social Butterfly.

I learned of this program on the website ‘Open her box”. The website is just one page and is a video that makes many claims as to the fine art of attracting women. The narrator makes it seem very easy to do. He claims that the DiCarlo system will show you how to make any woman fall in love with you. The narrator states that only 100 serious men will be allowed to take part of a special test group of men that will get full access to everything the program has to offer. Stating that only 100 men will be allowed to take part is a marketing ploy. Anyone with the money can buy the program and learn the lessons.

Who is Vin DiCarlo
According to his web site, he is a man who spent many years failing with woman. Then he spent seven years figuring out how to be successful in dating. First, he learned that he needed the self-confidence to succeed. Once he mastered that, he developed a system to help other men learn what he spent years learning. He wanted the other men to learn these skills quickly

He is a firmer believer that in order to be successful with women and other areas in life that a man needs to build up his self-confidence. He teaches men how to build up that self-confidence from within, while teaching them how to make any woman fall in love.

In what is in the program?
If a customer were to buy the program, they would receive access to ten videos to watch on the subject along with ten PDF files, which are full of dating advice. They would also receive a 14-day free trial to Pandora’s PHD online course in female sex psychology.

Customers will also get a free speed mind reading system, which will teach a man how to read a woman and figure out what type of woman she is. This is a bonus, which can be kept even if you seek a refund.

This package has a retail value $791 but as part of test group, you only pay $69.95

Your payment gets you to the member’s only site on the Internet site. Once have bought the initial package outlined above, and are in the website you will be charged money on a monthly basis. That amount depends on how long you stay in the program. These extra payments were noted on the following web sites on Ezine Articles and the Dating Skills Review website.

My thoughts
As a woman, I find this program to have lofty claims. The video claims that all women will fit neatly into those nine categories. Personally, I do not find myself fitting into one category, so I am sure other women do not either. Attraction between couples should come naturally.

If I were dating a man using this program to manipulate the relationship and my feelings towards him, I would dump him quickly. I am not sure which is worse, taking advantage of the desperate men who simply want dating advice by charging them a high price or teaching them how to manipulate women.

You pay the initial $69 dollars to begin learning the system and they charge you more after a few weeks. I feel if a man really needs to boost his confidence in dating there has to be a cheaper alternative. 

Date Reviewed: March 5, 2012, 9:33 am
Reviewed by Amy Browne
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