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Panic Away offers a comprehensive cognitive behavioral approach therapy to assist those who suffer from panic attacks or panic disorder. Speaker, Barry McDonough is very clear and pleasant to listen to. Users report life-changing results and having overcome anxiety and panic attack for years from using this method.


Mass marketing and duplicate web-sites forcing attention to the product and blocking genuine product reviews.


It seems positive. Excellent strategies for managing your panic attacks and anxiety disorders. Hundreds of positive review. Apparently this is the best selling product of its kind available.

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Panic Away (Anxiety Attack Remedy) Review from BMD Publishing
Panic Away Review
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Panic Away (Anxiety Attack Remedy) REVIEW - Real customer feedback...

Panic Away is an anxiety attack remedy that has been on the market for over 10 years.

The web-site opens with gentle and empathetic man on a video explaining how frightening and real panic attacks can be to individuals.  He acknowledges this problem and then explains there is a way to safely and confidently get through them and come out the other side with a new invigorated sense of well being.

What is a panic attack?

The Mayo Clinic website  says "a panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear that develops for no apparent reason and that triggers severe physical reactions. Panic attacks can be very frightening. When panic attacks occur, you might think you're losing control, having a heart attack or even dying."  While some people may only have one of two in their lifetime, some people are constantly afflicted with fear of having another attack.  No longer considered nerves or stress, this medical condition can be treated.

Symptoms of a panic attack

Panic attacks typically include a few or many of these symptoms:

A sense of impending doom or death,rapid heart rate, sweating, trembling, shortness of breath,hyperventilation
chills,hot flashes, tightness in throat, nausea, abdominal cramping, chest pain, dizziness, faintness trouble swallowing.  

If you have been suffering from panic attacks for some time you know how disruptive they can be to your life.  They can strike any time without warning and in many different forms.  Some of you may have even come to prefer the safety of your own home.

Panic Away was designed to help people overcome the anxiety associated with panic attacks and alternative therapies to give you the tools to know how to react when an attack comes on.


Combination drug therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy or psychodynamic psychotherapy is the most commonly used treatment following a diagnoses of panic attacks or panic disorder.  Cognitive behavioral therapy works by helping you to change your thinking and reaction patterns in the presence of certain conditions.  Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a process of exploring your subconscious to help you determine negative emotional association to certain stimuli and where that might have originated.

The Panic Away system is based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

What are users saying?

Review sites are peppered with positive reviews for this product.  Users make statements like: "It changed my life and my outlook on it and it saved my life" and  "I was amazed at how quickly this program help me"

Still another user said "Funny, you know, all the 'medical professionals' that I been to over the years, alternate and mainstream, not one of them suggested your approach to the problem, yet it is so simple!"

"It's been several months since I've started Panic Away and let me just say that I'm still grateful and referring this phenomenal program to my friends. I was able to overcome fears I've had my whole life".

There are many many reports running along this line.  However, some users were more skeptical.  One person discussed his thoughts on the product concept saying that it is one thing to say that thousands of people are accessing this web-site and purchasing this product, but it is really hard to tell how effective the product was.  He goes on to say "of course any product or intervention such as this is only as good as the person who delivers the counseling and the person who receives it."

One reviewer cautions that the individual might not have panic attacks at all, but another health issue mimicking panic. Being properly assessed by a professional on an individual basis is an important consideration in a situation like this and before taking on any new treatment strategies.


Based on online unbiased reviews and testimonials  I am led to conclude that perhaps Panic Away is really a good product and solid method to help people with panic attacks.  Not only that, but the company is providing great customers service in an efficient and positive manner that is helping people get the best use of their purchase.  The developers of Panic Away have developed a good solid product that allows people to work through their own fears and anxiety.  However symptoms should be verified with a physician to rule out any other condition before making assumptions about your own health.

Date Reviewed: December 3, 2011, 2:32 am
Reviewed by marilee
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