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ParetoLogic Privacy Controls can help delete personal information that hackers may steal, such as password and pin numbers.


It charges a regular licensing fee, making this product more expensive than it looks. It also may delete files you don't want deleted.


This product isn't budget-friendly, so skip it if you're trying to save some cash.

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ParetoLogic Privacy Controls from ParetoLogic
ParetoLogic Privacy Controls Review
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ParetoLogic Privacy Controls REVIEW - How well does it really work?

If somebody accessed your computer illegally, could he or she gain access to your most private information?

We've all said it in our heads: "It won't happen to me."  But thousands of Americans face the reality everyday of having their personal information, credit card numbers, and bank accounts stolen--all because they didn't think hackers would attack them.

When firewalls and anti-spyware programs aren't enough, consider a better alternative: ParetoLogic Privacy Controls.  It's unlike any anti-hacking program, which confidently deletes all of your personal information in a snap, with a set of easy-to-install controls. Here's how it works:
  • It deletes information that you type into sensitive websites, such as email or bank accounts.  ParetoLogic Privacy Controls identifies and deletes information hackers can steal from your daily Internet activity, such as passwords, pin numbers, and bank account access numbers.
  • It deletes privacy files associated with instant messaging programs.  This adds an additional layer of protection, keeping your personal chats and logs away from curious eyes.
  • It deletes your desktop search history and your recently opened files.  Hackers may look at your desktop search history to gain access of personal information, but this program seamlessly deletes your history, keeping your information safe.
  • It deletes all traces of your Internet activity.  Regardless of how long or how often you search, simply running this program will instantaneously delete your Internet history, which is not only good for avoiding hackers, but for avoiding snooping spouses as well.

Essentially, you're getting a program that will cover all of your tracks--from surfing the Internet to how you personally use the computer.

Issues with ParetoLogic Privacy Controls

So, if you simply read the information above, you'd probably think this program is flawless; it may even be worth purchasing.  But as good as it sounds, customers have pointed out a few fatal flaws in its design.  These flaws include:
  • Its deceptive charging practices.  Most computer programs charge a flat flee to use its program, but ParetoLogic Privacy Controls charges users to lease the program.  This means you can only use the program for a limited amount of time before the program stops and they request more money to renew the lease.  This isn't explicitly stated on their website, and not surprisingly, has made many customers angry.
  • It deletes many files that customers don't want to lose.  Isn't this an irony--deleting files that people actually need?  It's true: Several customers have reported losing important audio and video files after using this program.  One person even lost his entire MP3 collection--ouch!

So, if you don't like having your really important files deleted, take notice: ParetoLogic Privacy Controls could accidentally do just that.  Its deceptive charging practices are a whole different story; its license costs $29.95, but you'll need to keep paying this to keep on using this program.  That can get very expensive.
For instance, let's take customer lbolnick from, who says the following:

"Pareto Logic is very deceptive and does not inform you that when you click on their buy button you i fact are only leasing use of the software for a short time.  It will stop and require you to pay again to use it.  No where does it make it clear."

Customer Lyn also says:

"My advice be very careful, I installed this software on XP Home Edition and ran the program using only default settings and it shredded my entire music library.  My music was stored in "My Documets under My Music" I used Windows Media Player and RealPlayer to play audio tracts.  All GONE EVERY MUSIC FILE.  Paretologic reply to this... won't happen, and denied it."

So, there are definite problems here; whether these allegations are commonplace are hard to determine, however.

So, what's the verdict: Buy it or skip it?

As a privacy program, ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is not without its merits.  It deletes personally identifiable information and can prevent hackers from stealing password or pin numbers.  That's always going to be a plus.

On the other hand, there are stories of deceit associated with its program.  Some people report losing files they never wanted to delete; others simply find its deceptive license fees offensive.

It's really a toss up here, but if you're trying to save money, the choice is clear: This program is just too much money.  Otherwise, you may find that this program really isn't that much of a problem for you.
Date Reviewed: March 9, 2012, 1:02 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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