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You create a password, you need it to be secure.

Not your mum's birthday or your pet's name or 123456.

But these days we have passwords for everything. And some are more important than others.

The most important being your Windows password (if your computer is a windows PC that is...)

You think you'll never forget it, but every combination you try, every password you could ever have conceived doesn't work.

What to do now?

Password Resetter say they can help. Their Windows password recovery software can 'reset any Windows password in 3 easy steps.'

The first question you'll ask, 'is it safe' and Password Resetter agree that finding safe software that will unlock your lost password is really hard.

Don't waste any more time trying to remember old passwords, they say. Don't spend any more money technicians or hours trying to reset your password.

And crucially, don't lose your precious data by having to re-boot and re-install Windows.

Password Resetter is 'simple to use,' they say. 'With a friendly graphical interface.'

And, most importantly, 'safe!'

Password Resetter 'recovers 99.9% of passwords from nearly any Windows installation in a matter of seconds.'
Sounds fantastic... especially when you consider all those anxious hours which you would have had to spend reformatting otherwise.

And you can recover lost Windows administrator or user passwords. The software works on Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000 and the newest Windows 7. In less than 60 seconds!

But is it tricky to use, you may ask yourself? Can it really be that easy? Yes, according to Password Resetter. 'The process itself is very simple and everyone can do it.'

And if you run in to trouble they have a technical support team to assist you '24/7'

Password Resetter claim to be the best Windows Password Recovery tool on the market. The others are 'outdated' they say. 'They lack investment and have poor or slow technical support.'

And another unique selling point made by Password Resetter is that they offer USB support - meaning if you don't have a CD or DVD burner or software then you can just plug in a USB stick to create your reset.

The package includes step by step tutorials and according to the blurb, 'it really works.' Save yourself the time consuming, expensive and frustrating process of reformatting hard drives, they say.

And Password Resetter can be used over and over again - as many times as you need it (if you are especially forgetful, that is...)

All for $34.99.

So what to do customers and users think of this software package?

Unfortunately, the independent reports are not great.

'I bought the Password Resetter program but when I clicked on it, nothing happened,' said one frustrated customer.

Another was even more forthright - indicative of rogue software.

'The product does not work as it claims it does,' he reports. And he got not joy from the aforementioned technical support. 'They just ignored me completely. No help, no service or support, and furthermore, no refunded purchase. I tried everything I had to get them to respond but they simply do not answer their emails.'

Which doesn't sound like a '60 day money back guarantee' to me.

There are some reviews which recommend the product.

'The good thing about Password Resetter,' said one website, 'is that no specialist technical knowledge is required. Anyone able to insert a CD or attach a USB device is able to use it.'

Which would be fine if the product works, but independent forum messages reveal that this may not be the case.

Which is a shame, because the hype sounds good - but too good to be true, it seems.
Date Reviewed: February 2, 2012, 12:12 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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