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One stock tip a week is more focused and manageable, one-time payment for a lifetime subscription, 60 day money back guarantee, it is better than doing nothing, that would be more of a gamble


Identity and background of Nathan Gold is unverifiable, there may be some trust issues or conflict of interest issues with the compensated newsletter


Consider investing in this newsletter if you are keen about trading in penny stocks in the long run. With a lifetime subscription, it may be a worthwhile investment for those who are in it for the long haul. It certainly seems like it is worth a shot.

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Penny Stock Egghead from Penny Stock Egghead
Penny Stock Egghead Review
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Penny Stock Egghead (Nathan Gold) REVIEW - Here's what we found...

If you love to play the stock markets, but have yet to taste real success, the Penny Stock Egghead might have something in it for you. The Penny Stock Egghead is a weekly e-Newsletter by Nathan Gold that gives you one solid tip per week to invest in a penny stock.

Nathan Gold (a self-confessed pen name) goes into painstaking detail to convince you why penny stocks can fetch much higher returns for you compared to the blue chips. He cites enough statistics and data to prove his point. But there is numbers and information that says otherwise as well. Does Steve Forbes or Peter Lynch play around with penny stocks? Do they hide behind a fake name? How can a company without verifiable success be a better bet than a company with a strong track record? Does the competition do similar things?

Either way and furthermore, if you are already inclined towards penny stocks, this could be an exciting newsletter for you anyway.

One Stock a Week

The unique thing about the Penny Stock Egghead weekly email alert service that sets it apart from most other penny stock subscription lists is that it focuses on just one penny stock a week. Nathan professes it’s a case of quality over quantity. You neither have the time nor the scope to evaluate too many stock tips, and then choose the one that fits your bill. So rather than create a deluge of stock tips, most of which are likely to fall flat anyway, Nathan concentrates on finding the very best of the best tip of the week, and sticks to it. This is easier on his subscribers since if you do not care for that pick or profile then you can just wait until the following week and keep the status quo the same. 

If you are operating as a day trader and spending a good part of your productive time staying glued to the computer screen, and still ending up with a poor balance sheet, perhaps Nathan has a point when he suggests that you isolate a single stock and go after it. It gets you out of the day trading trap, saves you precious time, and allows you to focus on researching, following, and investing in a single stock in a week. Quick entry and quick exit, and easy management of your stock portfolio become possible when you become as selective about investing in stocks as Nathan suggests.

Who is Nathan Gold?

Nobody knows the real face behind Nathan Gold, which is a self-confessed pen name. All that Nathan is willing to reveal is that he is a certified math geek, who shuns publicity, media glare, and does not even have a great social life. He, in fact, describes himself as a loner and an introvert. That’s the reason why he uses a pen name, and runs his newsletter as peacefully as he wants to.

However, if you are someone who wants to very cautious with his or her money, it may become difficult to place your trust with a guy (or a girl) that is known only by a pseudonym. This is where you will need to go by your personal instinct and decide whether you are ready to dabble in penny stocks with someone who has no name. Anyway, the good part is that unlike many other smart operators on the Internet, at least Nathan is forthcoming enough to say it is not his or her real name.


The lifetime membership of Penny Stock Egghead weekly email newsletter is available at a price of $97. Nathan offers a 60-day 100 percent money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the product. Other companies offer similar deals.

Compensated Newsletter

It is important to note what the Penny Stock Egghead says in its disclaimer: “Egghead is structured to be retained by an unrelated third party to perform marketing and advertising services for a limited time with respect to a company they are interested in profiling or discussing by this website, and in exchange for such services, cash compensation from such third party is received.”

What are Others Saying

Third party reviews are roundly favorable about the Penny Stock Egghead. Customer reviews are almost unavailable, except one comment that is again only in favor of the newsletter. The reviewer at says: “Since like many people out there, I still work a 50+ hour work week, I can not afford to be charting dozens of penny stocks each week, looking for the right stock to buy. This is where Penny Stock Egghead can make a stand-out difference – you are emailed one stock per week. Only one stock to watch and decide to buy each week. Since time is money, this is a smart investment in the limited time you have for investing and is an excellent use of your investment dollars. Let someone else do the research for you, while you make the decisions and make the profits.”

A user at says: “The "Egghead" is a good guy and the letter is doing very well for the few affiliates he has. If you are in this niche, you should jump on.”

Date Reviewed: December 15, 2011, 2:55 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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