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Good reviews from both owners and dogs! Durable, sturdy and portable once assembled. Good customer service


Excessive packaging and some difficulties with assembly.


Recommended. Your patience in getting it assembled will be richly rewarded.

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PetZen DogTread Motorized Exercise Treadmill from PetZen
PetZen DogTread Review
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PetZen DogTread (Treadmill for Dogs) - REVIEW

In a dream world, of course, you would always be able to exercise your dog outside. That's what you imagine when you first get the puppy: beaches, long rambles in the woods or the trail or socializing with other dogs in the park.

But reality intervenes. It's pitch black and pouring with rain. You have to drive miles to find a decent place to exercise poor Fido. You have an injury yourself or the dog is still hyper even after that run along the beach. 

Enter the PetZen DogTread Motorized Exercise Treadmill by PetZen

'Because your dog can't go to the gym'

The manufacturers outline many benefits. You can exercise anytime, anywhere (because this is sold as a portable unit). You establish a regular exercise routine and give your dog a great workout. And any pet owner will tell you that dogs, like children, respond well to routines. 

A consistent exercise regime increases your pet's health, vitality and lifespan and diverts potentially destructive behavior (such as chewing or manic energy).

And the dog trainers argue that as natural hunters, herders and guardians, dogs respond to the purpose or "job" that the treadmill provides. 

The PetZen treadmill is safe and durable with a quiet motor, and is portable and easy to store or transport. It is designed for small dogs - check guidelines carefully for exact weights and recommendations: this unit is for dogs up to 30 pounds.

'The perfect healthy solution for the time starved pet parent,' it costs $540.57.

So lets see what those 'pet parents' have to say about the PetZen treadmill.

Well, generally, they are very pleased with the product.

'I highly recommend the PetZen DogTread,' said one owner of a French Bulldog, 'and the small dog size doesn't take up very much space. She uses it about four or five days a week and stays on for about 45 minutes to one hour without a lead.'

'This is a truly wonderful device, she continues, 'and it has solved the problem of my inability (bad knee) to walk her.'

Owners are clear that you need to train the dog to use the device (it can take a month or so) but agree that this is relatively easy using treats, leads and praise.

And if you go to YouTube you can see plenty of videos of the treadmill and also training methods.

'I bought this for my Italian (miniature) Greyhound,' said another owner, 'and she decided she loved it! this has been a great solution for her excessive energy!'

'Perfect for inclement weather days. Or for those cold winter days when it's too cold or summer days when it's too hot to exercise your pooch,' was another comment.'

'My 10 month old puppy loves the treadmill. In the morning she goes on it herself, waiting for either my husband or I to start it up so she can do her workout. It has helped calm down of all the energy she has.'

So far so good.

And the evidence is that the product has virtually no detractors. However there were some issues with packaging and assembly.

'I thought the assembly instructions were awful,' said one customer. 'It took me forever to understand the first step.'

And many people commented on the excessive amount of packaging and difficulty of getting into their product when it arrived.

This comment neatly sums up customer reactions: 'The packaging. Lord love a duck. There was a box, then a box within a box, within a box. You know those Russian nesting dolls?'  I think I ended up with four boxes. I still haven't broken all of them down.'

A few people discovered errors once they got their unit going, however when they contacted PetZen service they found that the service reps were helpful, friendly and responsive.

'If you can afford the product, I would recommend it to anyone! It is great for me and my energetic dog!' said one customer who'd had an initial problem with the set up. 

'An absolute must for every dog owner,' said another. 

And the dogs love it! '[my dog] was 'in the "zone" in 5 minutes,' said a customer, 'a real miracle.'

But be warned that assembly can be a challenge. 'Once you've put it together, it's a good machine. Small, movable and pretty convenient.'

There is no doubt that this device can solve a lot of every day issues for dog owners, and of course we know that happy dog = happy pet parent. 

Check out the videos. As one user says: 'Even with all its annoyances, I'm really glad I got this treadmill. It seems sturdy and powerful enough to last, my dog loves it, and he's walking every day.'

Even in the dark, rainy, freezing mid-winter!
Date Reviewed: March 27, 2012, 9:10 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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