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Pets Best Insurance Review From: Pets Best Insurance

No benefits schedule – straightforward 80 percent bill reimbursement, lifetime coverage. Age does not matter.

Claim processing may be somewhat slow in many cases, despite company’s assertion of five day claim reimbursement.

If you are looking for higher predictability and straightforward claim reimbursements without any surprises, Pets Best Insurance is the choice for you.

Pets Best Insurance Review - Is it really worth the money?

Pets Best Insurance is among the top pet insurance providers in the U.S., offering plans in all 50 states. It is founded by veterinarian Jack Stevens, who originally headed VPI Pet Insurance, and brings rich experience to Pets Best. Not only is this company led by a registered and trained vet it is led by someone who knows the pet insurance industry like you know your own car. Moreover, the company imposes no age restrictions on enrolling your pet in any of its insurance plans, so you can easily insure your pet of any age.

Transparent Reimbursement

One of the strongest points in favor of Pets Best Insurance is its commitment to reimburse a flat 80 percent of your actual vet bill, after a deductible, up to the maximum benefit limit under your plan. This makes the entire claim process straightforward and transparent. You know each time how much claim reimbursement to expect, and there is no room for any unpleasant surprises. You will have the least chances of upsetting your financial budget when you know how much your pet’s treatment is actually going to cost you.

Visit any Vet of your Choice

Pets Best Insurance plans let you visit any licensed vet all over the world. This also includes vet specialists and emergency centers. If you want to provide the best possible care to your pet and visit the most expensive vet, the insurance provider will respect your choice each time.

Affordable Insurance Plans

You can receive pet insurance coverage for as little as under $1 a day with Pets Best Insurance. A wide range of deductible and coverage levels are available so that you can tailor your pet insurance according to your needs. Pets Best is one of the few pet insurance providers that enrols your pet at any age, and does not cancel or reduce coverage as your pet ages.

You are not required to pay any monthly processing fee or enrolment fee, so you are free to pay for your plan monthly, quarterly or annually, without having to worry for extra fees. You receive automatic discounts in most states when you insure multiple pets or make annual payments. Cancer coverage is also included in all accident and illness plans at no extra charge.

What Others are Saying

The general consensus of customers is largely in favor of Pets Best Insurance. Many customers are aware of Jack Stevens reputation as a top veteran of the pets insurance industry, and feel comfortable to insure with his company. The company’s straightforward reimbursement of 80 percent is a strong selling point which appeals to most pet owners as the fairest possible way to provide coverage.

Date Reviewed: October 7, 2011, 6:17 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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