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The appetite suppression was excellent, and the end result was a weight loss goal that I am happy with.


Their website claims you get a lot of energy from these. I felt a bit more alert and less groggy, especially in the morning, but I didn't get that big jittery energy burst like I got with phentermine.


Overall, I love PhenTabz and have recommended it to several of my friends at my school - many of which are also seeing positive results.

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PhenTabz Weight Loss Pills from Gentech Pharmaceutical
PhenTabz Review
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PhenTabz Works - I Lost 16 Pounds In A Month

This isn't going to be a flashy review or have any cool special effects or dazzling ad copy, it's just going to state the facts.  I'm a college student and I was introduced to Gentech's products by a friend of mine and I've fallen in love with them.  Let's start with PhenTabz.  It's a weight loss pill, but it's not "just another weight loss pill".  This one actually did what it claims for me, when used as directed.  Gentech claims it is an alternative to Phentermine, so I was very interested to try this one since I've taken phentermine in the past.  I'm not technically "overweight" but I, like many other people, had a few pounds that I could stand to lose.  College is tough because of the crazy hours, bad diets, peer pressure, parties, etc. and I was a victim to the dreaded "freshman 15" and then some.  I bit the bullet and ordered my bottle, based on the fact that I knew the person who recommended it to me and also because there are actual real physicians and doctors who recommend the product.  That's a big one for me, since there are not a lot of weight loss pills online which have professional medical doctors saying that they work.

Real Doctor Endorsement
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Manufacturer's directions: Take 1 tablet 30 minutes before breakfast with water and 1 tablet 30 minutes before lunch with water.

I followed this to the "T".  I also began by forcing myself to eat smaller portions of my meals.  What I quickly realized is that the appetite suppressant kicked in and even with the smaller portions, I was not finding myself to be hungry in between meals. Slight urge to snack at night, especially when I'm studying, but that's been an age old habit of mine that's going to be hard to break. Nothing major though, and it was relatively easy for me to avoid snacking without much issue.

Side effects: Manufacturer claims no side effects.

My experience was very positive here, I didn't actually "feel" anything when taking these but I knew I'd taken something because I just wasn't hungry and I was losing weight.  For the first few days I had a little bit of a dry mouth but I just started drinking more water - problem solved.  Some people have the need to feel an effect when taking something, but personally I don't. If it's working, then it's working. I should not have to feel any different in my body to eat less and lose weight.

My results: Manufacturer does not make any specific claims about how much weight you can lose, so I wasn't sure what to expect. They have testimonials from people that have lose enormous amounts of weight but also say that everyone is different. I have seen a million and one product reviews of other products online and even on infomercials where they make outrageous claims only to have the small print say "Results are not typical" and things like that.  I appreciated how PhenTabz didn't make any outrageous claims from the start. +1 for my trust factor.

My results turned out great.  I lost a total of 16 pounds in a month and I've regained the motivation to start carving out at least 30 minutes a day to exercise and I'm eating better.  I'd like to do more but my schedule just doesn't allow it right now.  I've also laid back a bit on the parties and I've been sleeping better.  I'm not saying PhenTabz helps me sleep better, but I think since I'm healthier overall that helps a lot.  So far, I haven't had any weight gain come back but if I do I'll probably get another bottle. College is a difficult place to be "on a diet" but so far so good!
Date Reviewed: May 10, 2012, 9:14 am
Reviewed by stephmoretti
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