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Excellent pricing, customer service, features and product. Remote viewing, call & text blocking, GPS locator.


Only works on Android and BlackBerry phones.


An excellent product, well supported, but not for all phones

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PhoneBeagle REVIEW - Best way to monitor your child's phone?

Once upon a time we had to wait until our parents went to bed to make phone calls that we didn't want them to know about.

But times have changed and now almost every child has their own mobile phone - with their own number, contacts, access to the internet, apps and text messaging.

You, as a parent, want them to have the phone - so you can contact them when you need too and so they can always get in touch with you.

But what else are they doing with their phone? And what are other people doing to them?

We have all heard of text-bullying - but have you considered 'sexting' (which is potentially illegal), predator risk, texting while driving, use of violent or sexual websites, or malicious apps?

With Phone Beagle you can discretely monitor your child's phone either from the web or your own phone.

There are two components to this package: a recorder that is installed on your child's phone to record activity and location; then a client for you to remotely view this activity.

You can track location (are they where they say they are?), monitor their text messages and multi-media messages, their call history, the websites they have used and the apps they've downloaded. 

If necessary you can block apps, calls and text messages and be alerted to malicious apps.

Sexting, text-bullying and website use are all very modern problems that parents might wish they didn't have to think about. But modern problems require modern solutions and any parent would want to know if their child was at risk.

You can also monitor their activity and settle any niggling suspicions you might have about your child's involvement with drugs, alcohol, gambling, depression or suicide.

Unsettling, yes, but surely worse if you're 'blissfully' unaware?

Once installed on your child's phone PhoneBeagle has a hidden icon and uninstall protection. Costs start at $9.95 a month, $49.95 for 12 months. The package works on all Android and BlackBerry phones, all carriers and networks worldwide.

PhoneBeagle makes it simple to check your child's whereabouts and phone activity. If you're not worried then you don't have to use it, but it's always there if you need it.

Even if you are away from home you can monitor your child's activity. You can log on from a remote location using a user name and password. Your child will be unaware of this process; whereas you will know who is calling and texting them and can block calls from numbers that may be harassing your child.

The reviews from parents and users on this product are good.

'Peace of mind,' said one. 'Best set of apps out there for controlling a child's phone.'

And don't worry if it appears complicated to use. Reports on technical support are excellent:

'Customer service is amazing,' said one parent. 'I had an issue with the program working correctly, they worked with me, using several versions until it was working.' 

'Customer inquiries are answered promptly and professionally and answers and information provided by technical support are detailed and thorough versus vague and not very informative,' said another.

And the price is also very reasonable.

'PhoneBeagle is the least expensive cell phone spy app there is at just $49 for a full year,' reported one user.

The only issue raised by customers is that the list of supported mobile phones small. PhoneBeagle only works on Blackberry and Android phones and several of their features only work on Android phones. It does not work on Symbian, Windows Mobile and IPhone.

So if you child already has an Android or BlackBerry, then PhoneBeagle is clearly the most cost-effective and feature-rich phone monitoring software available. 
PhoneBeagle do not offer advanced spy features such as live call spying - but it is still a comprehensive, well supported program which would fulfill most parents' requirements.

Highly recommended - if it works on the phone you want to monitor.
Date Reviewed: February 1, 2012, 12:03 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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