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The video tutorials are easy to follow and it is not really what anybody else has shown me in my quest to use Photoshop Files are provided to help do the tutorials and also some good resources


The main con would be you have to have Photoshop to make the most of these tutorials but I had it just never got to use it


After going through all the tutorials I have learnt more than I ever thought possible and it only took me a weekend to have a lot of graphics ready for my business and I am no graphic artist.

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Beginner Photoshop Video Tutorials from MSI Photoshop
Photoshop Beginner Tutorials
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Beginner Photoshop Video Tutorials

I wanted to learn Photoshop for my business and tried a number of free Photoshop tutorials but not being a graphic designer it all got to hard.

Last week my brother sent me the link to Beginner Photoshop Video Tutorials and I thought I would have another go and maybe a paid solution would be better.

After completing the first tutorial I was amazed at how simple it was. These guys are not teaching you how to become a graphic designer but how mix and match files to create brand new ones.

Now graphic artists probably already know this system however as a beginner Photoshop user it made so much sense and I had my first new graphic done at the end of the tutorial and the knowledge to do it over and over again.

The Tutorials

Below are some of the tutorials I found so useful


This first tutorial basically introduces you to their system which shows you how to combine files to make new ones and a little bit on how to tweak and make your new graphic original and not a copy.

This lays the foundation for the rest of the video tutorials and opens up all sorts of possibilities.


This is obviously the foundation of Photoshop and yet I never understood how they actually worked. After watching this video a couple of ties and doing some playing it made so much sense.


One of the things I found hard using Photoshop and producing graphics was how to get the right colors and in this tutorial they show how to select the best matching colors so you’re graphic is consistent.

They provide some simple swatches which then allow you to select in Photoshop aking the process so easy.


While they do not use brushes a lot it was great to learn what they do and how to install them so I can now add additional effects to y graphics.


I did not have much trouble adding text to y files however they take it to another level and showed how to create a couple of neat effects.

Action Scripts

I never knew what an Action script was or even where they were but now I can create my own and use different ones to both create complete graphics and automate some functions.

I quite often have to re-size graphics for galleries or presentations and spent hours doing them one by one but now I have created my own action and can re-size in minutes.


There are so many things you can do with these simple tools. Color overlays, Pattern overlays and Gradient overlays add simple effects to your graphics that make them pop.

Again they are not showing you how to create graphics from scratch but how to access them and combine them and many have these functions inside so once you learn how they work you can do lots of neat things.

There is not actually a specific tutorial but they are referenced throughout the video tutorials.


This is just a sample of what I learned and the system made it very simple. They provide the files for the tutorials so you can do it as they show you..

They also have a resources area where they provide a number of files etc you can use.

While their forum is not that active yet I am sure as it grows there will be lots of interaction with other users of the program.

Finally they also allow you to download the videos so you can watch them offline. This was great for me as I travel a lot so I was able to reference them in my hotel room.

Date Reviewed: April 25, 2012, 10:45 am
Reviewed by msincome
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