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Pinnacle Cart Search Engine Friendly E Commerce Solution
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Pinnacle Cart Review - Search Engine Friendly E Commerce Solution

So you're taking your business to the next level and adding an online store. Or maybe you've been running a low key online store and sales have really started moving so it's time to take things up a notch. There are many ways to approach the task and the options can be daunting and confusing!

Where to Begin???

Do you start with a merchant account? A payment gateway? A shopping cart? That really depends on your needs. I'm going to do my best to clarify what Pinnacle Cart offers so you can get a better sense of whether it aligns with what you're looking for at this point. We'll take a look at how Pinnacle Cart compares to it's competitors as well as to other solutions. The fact is, whatever solution you decide to start with, they are all partnered with the other necessary components to give your customers a complete purchasing experience so there's no wrong move. Pinnacle Cart may, however, be the move that's optimal for you, given your current and future business needs.

A few product features:

First, it's helpful to know Pinnacle cart is not just shopping cart software, it's an entire website builder so you don't necessarily need a website to start receiving payments, which can be a huge (50% plus) boon to your business. With Pinnacle Cart you're creating a virtual space to showcase your products and offer your customers an easy transaction process. You can also syndicate your products' visibility by listing them on ebay, amazon, google etc. with seamless sales process integration which improves conversions.  

Comparison Shopping:

When compared with it's competitors Pinnacle Cart offers several major advantages. They have gone to great lengths to make their software Search Engine friendly which translates to better traffic to your store which of course, translates to more sales. Cha-Ching! Also, because their software isn't proprietary, anyone can design a virtual store with little or no technical experience. Unlike their competitors Pinnacle Cart offers customer service, 24/7. Also unlike their competitors, they offer a wide array of buttons and templates to mix and match, for a unique aesthetic and user experience, as well as the ability to add wholesale discounting, product reviews, sell downloads, manage sales pricing, add product reviews, allow users to zoom in on products to see more detail, plus real time shipping quotes from all major providers. I could go on. In short, the functionality of Pinnacle Cart far exceeds it's competitors. Another very appealing feature is that Pinnacle Cart includes a free live chat component for you to use with your customers. Personally I think that's a great value.

Do you need a merchant account?

No. You can use Paypal or Paypal Payments Pro if you're not ready to commit to a merchant account or you're not seeing enough business to make it worth your while. If you're ready to take the plunge, Pinnacle Cart has partnered with and offers a complete package including free gateway service.

Transaction and other fees?

There are no transaction fees with Pinnacle Cart itself though of course it's partners' have theirs.  If you plan to host on your own server there is a $150 licensing fee and depending on the package you get there is a flat monthly fee. Basically, as with any service, the more elaborate your needs, the greater your fees. Compared to other companies with proprietary software you will definitely be saving money both in terms of the licensing and any 3rd party installation and maintenance you do.

So how's their rep?

Pinnacle Cart is the shopping cart of choice for NPR, HBO. A&E, Pawn Stars and numerous other programming with a shopping component, as well as product stores too numerous to mention but which include everything from culinary delights to shoes, sportsmen's gear to home improvement. With the major names they deal with it's clear this is a reliable company with a solid shopping cart solution. In the forums I did notice some complaints about their customer service. It's unclear whether the complainers' expectations were realistic. Pinnacle Cart is one of the few shopping carts that offers free support for it's users. Many charge per incident. 

Although they tout their product's ease of use it still takes some intuition to understand how to navigate any set up process. I can see where a customer might have expected more of a DIY experience and been frustrated by that and then perhaps by customer service not being as responsive as they would have liked to the problem. That's a scenario I could imagine. Overall, I would say be prepared to budget for outsourcing some of the set up, if you're not technically inclined. Save yourself the headaches and time wasted. With Pinnacle Cart's universal software you won't have any trouble finding someone to do the job inexpensively or you can request that they find you someone.

How's that?

So there you have it. Hope this was useful! To check out Pinnacle Cart for a free 14 day trial click on GO!

Or, sign up now for Pinnacle Cart without the set up fee using this code: PCNOSETUP for $49 off orders $79 and up.

Date Reviewed: January 25, 2012, 5:11 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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