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Natural, safe methods. Clearly explained and easy to use. Good endorsements on the website.


This is a summary of various methods, some of which may be helpful, none of which can be guaranteed


Useful as a clear, well-researched summary of existing natural methods for baby conception.

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Review of "Plan My Baby" (Prince or Princess), by Alicia Pennington

For centuries, people have wished that they could conceive the gender of their choice.

But it seemed to be in the hands of the Gods, despite the advice of astrologers, priests, dieticians and philosophers.

Now, Alicia Pennington, a midwife for over 10 years, says that she has found the way for you to plan the gender of your baby. 'Prince or Princess.'

The Plan my Baby eBook outlines natural methods for gender selection which can be easily undertaken in the privacy of your own home with no surgical or drug intervention.

'Due to effective natural methods... you too can plan your baby's gender and enjoy a lifetime of completeness,' she says.

Alicia says she started to investigate natural methods for gender selection after working with a mother who suffered severe post-natal depression after the birth of her baby girl. 'She felt incomplete without a son even though she loved her 3 daughters dearly,' says Alicia.

Heart-rending stuff - because we can all imagine how this would feel and the guilt induced by the desire for a child of a different gender.

So what if you could select? Thought Alicia. Wouldn't that solve all the problems? Alicia set about 'perfecting' natural baby gender selection methods.

This started with research into existing methods (and there are a lot, such as Conceive the Gender of Your Choice!), plus attending courses on pre-conception, and interviewing couples who had tried, in various ways, to conceive a particular gender.

This research co-incided with Alicia and her husband starting a family - so she put her research into practice.

Laboratory treatments were too expensive (and, Alicia decided, too risky) so she applied natural preconception methods 'hand-picked'. 

'We were so thrilled when my baby girl Marie arrived 9 magical months later.'

The bottom line is simple, says Alicia. The methods are 'natural, safe, effective and absolutely risk-free' so you have nothing to lose.

She claims that in the first year of introducing her methods to couples, 117 couples tried out the methods and 112 conceived the baby gender of their choice.

'This is a real opportunity to create your dream family,' she says. 

All her findings are compiled into this 'reader friendly' e-book, easy for all to understand.

The 'Prince or Princess' method has three basic steps and Alicia outlines these as 'pointers' for people who are researching baby gender selection.

Firstly, you should be looking at the ph levels during ovulation. 'If your ph is alkaline your are much more likely to have a boy. If you ph is acidic you are much more likely to have a girl,' says Alicia.

Secondly you should address diet and adjust it to create the ideal environment for sperm x or sperm y.

Thirdly there are, according to this guide, particular sexual positions which aid conception of a boy or a girl.

As would be expected, there are many glowing endorsements of Alicia's methods published on her website - check them out for yourself. However I went looking for independent reviews by users of this method and unfortunately couldn't find any.  

Some forum users advise that the advice in 'Plan my Baby' can be found by internet searching. The idea is, they say, 'that XX and XY sperm survive better or worse under different conditions.' 

And is this scientifically proven? This forum user says 'maybe'. 'Science is kind of up in the air.'

Plan my Baby draws materials from several well-known methods which have been successful for some couples, such as timing of intercourse. This idea is based on the fact that male and female sperm travel and survive in the reproductive tract for varying amounts of time. 

And some reviewers rate the material as helpful. 'After reading this guide you will definitely take something away that will help you better select the gender of the child,' says one.

So there is useful material in here - but be wary of raising your hopes too high. There is just too much potential for disappointment in this sensitive and emotionally charged area. And Alicia's guide itself is sub-titled 'the natural steps towards [my italics] baby gender selection.'

Because there can be no guarantees, here.

The product has a refund rate of 7.33% which is average for products marketed on the internet - not high, not low. It means that some people were satisfied with the product but some weren't.

A see-saw - just like the girl/boy, princess/princess waiting game...

Good luck to all the potential parents out there!
Date Reviewed: February 29, 2012, 1:45 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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