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Detailed, clear, comprehensive plans. Good customer support and value for money.


Big download. You may not want all these plans especially if you have a specific project in mind. Some experience is clearly helpful


Good value - recommended for the amateur DIY enthusiast.

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Plans4Boats, by Daniel Holden - REVIEW

Ever dreamed of building your own boat?

Do you get jealous when you see those boats out on the lake, river or ocean; the beautiful wooden sailboats, the sleek kayaks, the sturdy fishboats and cabin cruisers?

'It can't be that hard,' part of you is saying. But the other (more sensible) part is saying 'but it has to be right if I want to actually sail/kayak/go fishing in it...'

Daniel Holden's Plans4Boats is one of the most comprehensive and detailed boat building packages available online.

A professional boat builder from Denmark, with over 20 years experience, his material includes DIY boat plans, detailed blueprints, drawings and step by step instructions.

'Finally,' he says, 'you can start turning your dream of building a boat into a reality.'

Based on 'generations' of boat building knowledge, Daniel's plans are the result of many years of boat building experience. 'You’ll find no better source of information and proven boat plans anywhere on the internet,' he says.

You can be fully up and running in a few days from now, says Daniel. And it doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or seasoned boat builder.

'A beginner can do this?' I hear you say. Yes, according to Daniel Holden. It doesn't matter if you have no DIY skills, knowledge or aptitude for building.

You don't have to pay thousands for a factory-built boat. These easy-to-follow plans allow anyone to build their own boat for a fraction of the cost.

The step-by-step instructions explain the basics of boat construction, tools, materials, shop safety, and more.

Plans4Boats is a comprehensive package that contains all the plans, measurements, and directions needed to build beautiful small boats for oar, sail, or motor using marine plywood and other materials. 

Daniel claims to have modernized the boat building process, making it quicker, easier and producing a boat that is easier to maintain.

Still worried about your skill level? Well Daniel says that the trick is to take advantage of proven plans, step by step guides and expert advice. It's like having an experienced boat builder on hand at all times to help you with your project.

The package (254 boat plans, ebooks and bonuses) is available as download or as a DVD and costs $49.

You will save on contractors' fees, says Daniel. As well as the cost of plans and constructions costs.  'Do any of the work yourself and you'll save a bundle.'

The plans include: cabin cruisers, canoes, dinghys, houseboats, kayaks, fishing boats, skiffs, sloops, yachts and even submarines!

And they're used by hobbyists and professionals alike.

There are great reviews of the package published on the Plan4Boats website.

'You can save a whole lot of cash by building a dinghy from scratch,' said one amateur builder, 'using a good set of plans like Plans4Boats. I bought my own materials as listed and spent $1,600 less than what I would expect to pay from a ready-made factory boat.'


And another says, 'your material is some of the best that I've ever seen. One of your free bonuses really sold me and it was the complete guide to boat building techniques.

And it seems like the detail in this comprehensive package is good: 'Anybody who likes boats, woodworking, and being on the water will learn something good from this DVD. The step by step stitch-and-glue technique is worth the entire price,' said one customer.

But to be sure we need to check out independent reviews of the Plans4Boats package. 

And they are generally positive, although most agree that some DIY experience would be beneficial. 

'...experience is needed,' said a customer. 'Though if you have the right guide then it will reduce the mistakes. Plans4Boats takes you step by step through the whole process of building a boat.'

And real people have built boats from these plans.

'I ended up using Plans 4 Boats that has a bunch of pre-designed boat plans, because I was afraid of messing up part of the design and sinking.'

Very good point well made!

And the package is also noted for being comprehensive.

'Plans4Boats is one of the biggest boats plans database available anywhere. In this database you will find detailed plans and diagrams together with color pictures and examples on many types of boats.'

But the size of the package can also cause problems.

'This package contains so much content that people with a slow internet connection may find it quite annoying to wait about 30 minutes to download several of the larger files.'

But generally the material is praised.

'The 3D Boat Design Software is also very useful and can save a lot of money on similar programs,' said one user.

And the content, style and support are also recommended.

'What I really like best about it is how detailed and simple the plans and designs are.'

'Very good customer support from Daniel Holden,' said one. 

So if you have at least some familiarity with using tools and working with wood, then Plans 4 Boats is recommended. Daniel has genuinely simplified boat design and the plans are detailed and clear.
Date Reviewed: February 15, 2012, 3:23 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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