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This product has a fantastic reputation for working well out of the box. Dual plugs including USB makes it very flexible. The design is attractive and fitting for nice or old cars.


The cord is too short from the cup to the plug in, and the item is a bit top heavy in it's design. Shallow cup holders may not hold the item well.


The PowerLine PowerCup is a solid item to power your mobile devices on the go, and is highly recommended for the same.

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PowerLine PowerCup from Power-Line
PowerLine PowerCup Review
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REVIEW: PowerLine PowerCup with USB

Not many products are more suited to todayís mobile lifestyle as well as the PowerLine PowerCup. This nifty little gadget provides 200W of continuous charging power up to a 400W peak. It safely offers up 120V AC power from the average car lighter 12V power socket. This means that you can charge iPods, laptops, phones and countless other products. Best of all, you can do it while you are on the go. The PowerLine PowerCup allows you to power items via AC Outlets as well as a USB power port. While the product is a brilliant idea, does it hold up under the weight of an Internet community of buyers?

What about that funky design?

Designed like a coffee cup and suited to fit into an average car cup holder, the PowerLine PowerCup is an innovative and funky idea. It really does look like a cup of coffee and blends seamlessly into the interior of your cousinsí hooptee as well as Dadís BMW. No matter how fancy the car, this inverter will look just fine.

Some complaints that have been mentioned in reviews online about the design include that it is a bit top-heavy and it is not wide enough where the plugs are. If you have a shallow cup holder, the inverter can topple over fairly easy. The plugs sit fairly close to one another, making many items with larger plug heads impossible to charge at the same time. Many people mentioned a shorter, wider design would have solved both of these problems. It also would have provided better access for car accessories like a power cooler where space is at a premium.

Another great thing about this item is that it is incredibly lightweight. To look at it, it seems fairly sturdy. Despite the fact that it only weighs one pound, it is very well made. The item is easy to move around and nothing like those hard block inverters that you are likely used to.

Flexible power on the go

Without a doubt, the key to this product is that it works well. Just about every single previous owner I have talked with or read about has said that it works fantastic. The few times I saw complaints about this item not working was when they tried to overpower it with items it is not made for. If you are powering those items it is advertised for, you can be fairly certain you are going to get exactly what you need. This product has a sterling reputation for doing what it is supposed to.

Some inverters continue to drain the battery on the car if you forget to unplug it when you park. This item actually does that for you. This is a great advantage when you have a number of kids hanging around your neck wanting to get out of the car quickly.

The simple fact that it offers up both USB and AC connections is another huge advantage. Regardless of what your mobile device requires, you can be sure that you will be able to power it up. This helps a great deal when you are working with multiple items at the same time. Just buying all those various adapters to use in your car can cost a fortune, so the PowerLine PowerCup saves you cash as well.

Finally the product is quiet when the fan comes on. I have owned quite a few inverters in my time and the fan is always super loud and annoying. Having that loud noise in the confines of a car or truck seemed like it might be a problem for some people. As it turns out, you donít really even notice it going down the road. This is a huge advantage if you are on a long road trip where loud noises can be especially annoying.

What major complaints are there about the PowerLine PowerCup?

By far the most common complaint about the product is that the cord from the plug to the inverter is too short. If your cup holder and plug are far away, the short one foot cord is going to require some type of extension. This is available, but they simply should have made the cord longer to start with.

Another complaint was that the fittings are tight when you plug things in, making the product seem as though it could break in the future. You have to give it a good push to get it in snugly, so I get what they mean. The product is solidly built, however.

Finally, there were several complaints found online complaining about how the product comes packaged. They say that the product is glued heavily and extremely tough to remove without potentially harming the product. Some careful knife work will solve that problem in my view.

Final Analysis

The PowerLine PowerCup is a top notch inverter for powering your mobile devices on the go, and I would heartily recommend it to anyone that wants such conveniences.
Date Reviewed: April 12, 2012, 8:54 pm
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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