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Sensible advice on nutrition and exercise in pregnancy. Members forum a good addition


Expensive Like all exercise and diet programs, requires motivation, self-discipline and consistency


Good if you respond well to monitored programs

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Pregnancy without Pounds system by Michelle Moss from Michelle Moss
Pregnancy Without Pounds Review
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"Pregnancy Without Pounds" by Michelle Moss - REVIEW

'Pregnancy without Pounds'?

Sounds unlikely doesn't it? I mean there's a growing baby inside you so you're bound to put on weight.

Michelle Moss's system is designed, however, to stop you gaining unnecessary pregnancy weight and enjoy a 'fit, toned, healthy pregnancy.'

After all we all know women who have put on too much weight when pregnant, and seen their struggles post-baby to lose that extra weight.

Why not try and prevent it happening in the first place?

As Michelle says, over 50% of pregnant women feel fat and unattractive, which can make for an unhappy pregnancy.

As a leading expert in pregnancy fitness, Michelle claims to have 'helped thousands of women around the world minimize their weight gain, enjoy their pregnancies, have an easy labor and regain their figures in record time.'

Her journey in the field started with her own pregnancy, when she was determined not to gain that 10-20 pounds that so many women struggle with post-baby.

As an experienced health and nutrition coach, she decided to investigate.

Pregnancy without Pounds is the result of this research and helps answer those difficult questions such as how much weight is it 'normal' to gain? What exercises are safe for pregnant women? What foods should I avoid?

The harsh truth seems to be that, 'most new moms let themselves go.'


But if you give in to those cravings, stop exercising and use your baby as an excuse to overeat, then there will be consequences.

Michelle claims to have 'cracked the craving puzzle' because of course, as a pregnant mum-to-be, you'll be concerned that what you crave may contain some nutrient in it that the baby needs. 

And Michelle says that while there are some cravings that are good indicators of what may be lacking in your diet; others are a sign of poor diet or overindulgence.

There's a code, she says, and once you know it, it's easier to handle those cravings.

And nutrition is vital to how you feel during your pregnancy, according to Michelle. The baby will take what it needs from the mother so you have to take care of yourself and make sure (for example) your calcium and iron is not being depleted by the growing baby.

Most pregnancy books, she says, are about the baby, not you. 

But not Pregnancy without Pounds.

This nutrition advice comes along with safe ways to exercise during pregnancy, and what exercises to avoid. How to work your abdominal muscles, for example.
'This proven program will get you through your pregnancy in better shape than most other women in as little as 27 minutes a day,' she says.

How to avoid unwanted pounds, overcome cravings, care for your skin and 'look like one hot mama.'

The program includes fifty simple and effective pregnancy friendly exercises and stretches

The complete package (there are different versions) includes the Pregnancy without Pounds eBook, exercise manual, recipes and core exercises, and costs $79.85.

You also get access to a forum for support and can contact Michelle's customer support desk for personal advice. 

The endorsements on Michelle's website are good.

'I had twins in August!' said one new mom. 'I was on bedrest for the last month of my pregnancy which made me gain more weight than I wanted. Nevertheless, I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight!'

'I have to say that I found the exercises to be a savior,' said another.

The reports are more mixed once you look into independent reviews and comments.

'I don't think that this course has any miracles, but it might be a good resource if you are willing to work for a fit pregnancy.'

Which is kind of important - the course comes recommended for people who find it easy to follow guidelines and keep within boundaries.

Know yourself!

The members forum is well-reviewed.

'This is a very practical bonus to the ebook. It keeps you up to date with what is going on and in touch with other members of the group.'

So if you work best when supported by a peer group, Pregnancy without Pounds could be for you.

Some forum users objected to the title of this eBook and course, arguing that you need to put on weight when pregnant! 'No one should be on a weight loss program when pregnant,' said one. 'I would rather put on weight during my pregnancy and then work to lose extra weight after the baby is born,' said another.

However others thought that the program, 'offers good suggestions for maintaining your weight during your pregnancy for both you and your baby's health.'
The exercises come recommended. 'I really appreciated the fact that Michelle Moss incorporated 3 different exercises plans for 3 different levels of energy in her Pregnancy Without Pounds system,' said one mom.

And overall the advice appears considered and sensible.
Date Reviewed: February 3, 2012, 11:14 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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