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Premium E Cigarettes from Premiumecigarette.com
Premium E Cigarettes Leading E Cigarette Brand
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Premium e cigarette REVIEW - Top Rated Electronic Cigarette

What makes Premium a Top Rated Electronic CIgarette?

Premium Electronic Cigarette brand is one of the leading distributors of e cigs in the US and Western Europe. Their signature cartridge flavor is highly prized and they also have a wide variety (20 flavors) to choose from, including red energy and irish cream! They also offer electronic cigars and pipes which many competitors don't bother with. Their young history (est. 2008) is marked by rapid expansion, first in the electronic cigarette industry world wide and now in retail tobacco and convenience stores in the US. This is a solid company in a booming market with excellent prospects for future growth and development.

Why go with Premium over other brands?

Premium's track record is something to consider. E-cigarettes are an emerging field and who can say what kind of cool innovations will come along in the future. So when you start "vaping" a particular brand (and if you're new to this you need to know that electronic cigarettes are smokeless… they emit water vapor which is why they're so much better for you than regular cigarettes) typically if you're happy with what you get you'll want to stick with that brand. The advantage to starting your e cigarette journey with a brand like Premium is not just your enjoyment of a quality product today but also the prospect of going on an adventure with the company as they develop new products to tempt your taste buds, offer greater ease of use and simulate smoking in a more and more authentic way.

There is a bit of an investment up front on the gadget side when you purchase any e cigarette… battery, atomizer, cartridges, case, chargers. Generally this is bundled into a starter kit and the prices tend to stay competitive among brands. The yearly savings of switching to e cigarettes are huge because you get so much more for your dollar that many people switch to E cigarettes just for the economy of it, alone. 

Point being, when you're going to make that up-front investment in the starter kit better to go with a solid company. Premium is one of the few brands grabbing mentions on media as big as CNN, ABC, CBS and the Wall Street Journal. Most other brands are riding on Premium's cred to boost their own product (i.e. "look how much attention e cigarettes are getting in the media." Meanwhile the e cigarette actually getting the attention is Premium!)

What's the down side?

Fishing around the forums to get more of a bottom line, the only complaint I heard was about battery life. People complained the batteries don't last as long as they should.

Why bother with E Cigarettes at all???

There are a ton of reasons to switch to e cigarettes, the number one being your health. Tobacco cigarettes contain @ 601 known carcinogens so it isn't just the act of smoking which is so damaging to your lungs it's also the junk you're inhaling. The fact is that nicotine fix is all you're really craving in cigarettes... you're just used to getting it in a certain way. Your brain thinks it wants a cigarette when what it really wants is the nicotine. It has come to associate cigarettes with the nicotine they provide.

Then what makes E Cigarettes better than a nicotine patch?

Comparing e cigarettes to a nicotine patch is kind of like comparing apples to oranges since e cigs are not marketed as a cessation device, but there are a couple of good reasons to go for E Cigarettes over a nicotine patch. First of all, patches are time released. You have no control over when and how much nicotine you're receiving. With E Cigarettes you can have complete control over your dosage as well as frequency. Premium E Cigarettes come in 6 strength varieties from ultra high to zero. Most brands only give you 4 options. So you can control the amount of nicotine in each e cigarette and then you can choose how often you want to smoke it. Plus if you're like me, there's the satisfaction of the draw and blowing smoke rings. The process of smoking is very enjoyable and most of us are psychologically attached to that. With E cigs we aren't giving that up. We get to have our cake and eat it too. E cigs are basically a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

So how's the price?

Cost wise, Premium's starter kits are in the mid to low side compared with their competitors so you're getting better quality and range of options for a highly competitive price. One interesting custom feature unique to Premium is their battery design. They really have fun with it, doing special holiday themes as well as cool patterns and colors. You can order from 16 different battery colors and you can get skins for your cartomizers to customize them with fun colors too.

My opinion:

Premium is a high quality, popular product. Check out Premium E Cigarette for yourself. If their battery life makes you uneasy check out South Beach Smoke, which was just ranked the #1 e-cigarette all around by Spinfuel, a hightech life magazine.

Date Reviewed: January 9, 2012, 8:40 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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