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Your child may not need this whole program if they have just one or two trouble areas. Your child may not get accepted into a private school for other reasons than academics.


If you are considering sending one or more children to private school, PrivateSchoolExam's Test Prep System is more than just a program to prepare your children. It's actually an investment that could possibly make an enormous difference in their later lives.

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PrivateSchoolExam "Test Prep System" - REVIEW

When it comes to educating your children, there are certain things you can do to help them become more successful throughout their lives. One of these is sending them to a private school. Public schools do teach your children what they need to know but are often full of various elements that are simply underfunded or aren't even available anymore.  A good example of this is music class. Not long ago this was a daily class everyone attended, due to budget cuts around the US, many public schools will employ a single music teacher to cover the entire school district. This is fairly common with certain elective classes these days.
Private schools pick up a lot of this slack due to their funding that isn't part of the public school system. Most private schools offer smaller, more personal classes, exposure to multiple cultural elements, specialized classes and much more. The odds of your child getting into a good college or University one day will definitely increase if they've attended private school and excelled there.

The first step to getting accepted into a private school is an application of course but then your child will be tested. PrivateSchoolExam is a program intended to give your child the edge they need to get accepted into most private schools. The standard method of preparing your child for private school is hiring a tutor and purchasing expensive "prep" books for each session. This is very expensive. I looked around at local tutoring places in my neighborhood and the average price seems to be about $30/hour not including the books. None of this is even considering the anxiety a child might face preparing.

What tests are common to get into a private school?

This will usually be either the Independant School Entrance Exam (ISEE) or the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) depending on whether or not your child will be going into elementary or middle school. Each one of these is similar to tests you'd take mid-term at any public school. If you're over 30 you'd remember them as the CTBS test and we usually just called them the "fill in the dot" tests. Today they go by many names but the essence is the same. There are tests in Math, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Spelling, Science and the ever popular "if dog is to woof, then cat is to ___" type analogy questions.

What makes PrivateSchoolExam's Test Prep System better than methods that are tried and true?

To answer this properly, let's compare a traditional tutor vs this program.

A Tutor
  • Bills by the hour
  • May only be available for limited times
  • Might only do book work with your child
  • Might not even show up all the time
  • May not know the current curriculum well

  • Buy it once, it's yours
  • Has over 8 hours of videos
  • Can be used at home and even on the go
  • Is updated frequently
  • Money back guarantee

User Testimonials

There aren't a lot of testimonials available at the time of this review but we did find a couple:

"We are extremely happy with the results we got from your program. Just to cover the basics our daughter was not doing well in her preparation. We had a tutor for her but it was expensive and she wasn't getting a lot out of it. 

We enrolled her in your program and within the first week we already noticed a dramatic improvement. She ended up doing better than we ever hoped expected her to. We really need to thank you! "---Genevieve Alain


We've taken the time to spend a couple hours trying some of the sample questions from the official PrivateSchoolExam's website, watching some of their sample videos and reading some reviews about them and really, it's a good program as long as you're sure your kid should go to some type of private school. Even if you have a kid in public school, this program can improve their test scores in a variety of areas.

There aren't a lot of testimonials around but you can really check out a lot of what the site offers by clicking around there. You can see some sample questions, get some questions answered and more. It's worth your time.

The only downside I see to this product is it's all or nothing and that's what's prevented me from giving it a perfect score. If your child is a math and science wiz but just can't spell, this might not be the best product out there. It does have a 100% money back guarantee. If my children were old enough, I might consider this program.

Date Reviewed: January 29, 2012, 8:07 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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