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Prosmoke Better Than Smoking Tobacco
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Prosmoke Review - Better Than Smoking Tobacco

Why is Prosmoke Better than Smoking Tobacco?

Prosmoke e cigarettes are a radical improvement on smoking tobacco. Mainly, they give your lungs a break from the 601 + toxins found in cigarettes as well as the actual damage smoking does to your mouth, throat and lung tissue. The good news is even devoted smokers find e-cigs satisfying. According to the NY times, a study done in Italy proved e cigarettes reduced the regular cigarette consumption of 40 hard core smokers by 50%!

Not to mention a Dec. 30 2011 article in World News Report in which "a Boston University Researcher concluded that electronic cigarettes are MUCH safer than real cigarettes and show promise in the fight against tobacco-related diseases and death."

What's the draw?

Whether you view e cigarettes as a way to get your nicotine fix that still allows for the fun of blowing "smoke" rings (water vapor rings, really) or whether you view e cigarettes as a way to become healthier, these findings are truly exciting. E cigarettes are not considered a cessation device but what excites me is they are a bonafide alternative to smoking that offer a reduction in some of the major health risks associated with smoking. I think what's most important about the studies in Italy and Boston, is that e cigarettes are a smoking alternative that's actually appealing to smokers! Suddenly, choice has been introduce into the system. Choice is powerful. Smoking addiction is not just physical, it's psychological. Having something to hold in your hand that feels like a cigarette, taking a draw, feeling the throat hit, exhaling plumes, it's the whole gestalt smokers crave. E cigarettes replicate a large portion of the whole activity smokers enjoy (and are psychologically attached to) as smoking. Having a viable alternative to satisfy your craving in a healthier way opens a smoker's world to new possibilities. I call that PROGRESS!!!

I will now get off my soapbox and simply say that Prosmoke cigarettes offer a fun alternative to smoking tobacco! They don't produce 2nd hand smoke, they don't stain your teeth, they don't pollute the environment with cigarette butts or smoke and they happen to be one of the highest ranking e cigarettes on the market. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

What Other Value Does Prosmoke Bring to the Table?

Prosmoke contributes monthly to the American Cancer Society, which I haven't seen with any other e-cig company. It's nice to know and shows you where their heart is. They have also won numerous awards on multiple review sites. I should warn you that review sites are not necessarily the most trusted resource for a product's value. You're better off trolling the forums but that can be time consuming. However, the sheer volume of favorable reviews on review sites is impressive (which you can see on their awards page) and fishing around in the forums they still come up positive for user experience, which is a very good sign. If you're looking for the product with the most positive buzz in the forums CLICK HERE.

Prosmoke chooses to offer their product with Vegetable Glycerin. Most companies use Propylene Glycol and some companies offer both. Veggie Glycerin is  more friendly to people with allergies and may bring people concerned about what their putting into their body, greater comfort. Heads up, veggie glycerin tastes sweeter than Propylene Glycol so if you're switching brands that will affect your experience.

Prosmoke's basic starter kit is one of the more affordable ones I've seen. They also offer a full 1 year warranty which is one of the best in the industry. Their e cigs are a 3 piece design which has it's pluses and minuses. Some like a combined cartridge and atomizer (cartomizer) for ease of use but some say as soon as you combine those pieces of equipment the quality goes down and long term costs go up. 

To checkout Prosmoke for yourself, in greater depth click on "Go"!

Date Reviewed: January 31, 2012, 1:45 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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