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This game is believable, has realistic graphics and has been simplified.


The game is expensive and took too long to be released.


This game is highly anticipated and those who have had a chance to play it are saying it far exceeds the first.

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Prototype 2 for XBOX 360 from Activision
Prototype 2 For XBox 360 Review
R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen rates this 4.5/5
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Prototype 2 for XBOX 360 detailed information
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Prototype 2 (Xbox 360) - FULL REVIEW

Prototype 2 for XBOX 360 is a video game in the action genre. You will play as Sgt. James Heller. His wife and son is deceased and he was left to die. You are infected and before you leave this world, you must hunt and kill Alex Mercer.  Mercer is the creator of the "prototype" and primary protagonist.

Who is Prototype 2 for XBOX 360 for?

This game was designed for a mature audience per its ESRB rating. Intense violence, strong language and other mature factors play a major role in this game. This game is a follow-up to the original Prototype game and the game does carry the same theme.

Pros of Prototype 2

One of the major pros is that is the graphics are realistic. Players are stating that New York City in the game is very realistic and this adds a lot to the gameplay. The first Prototype game was enjoyable according to many users and this one follows suit.

Cons of Prototype 2

This game is not cheap. While it is in line with many other major XBOX 360 releases, it can still put a major dent in your wallet. One other con that has been mentioned by Prototype gamers more than once is that they were not happy that it took about three years for this game to come out. The original Prototype kind of left them hanging and they waited, without hearing much about this sequel, for several years.

Has this game improved upon the original?

Players are reporting that the storyline is much more complete and the flaws that existed in the first game have been corrected. There is a 30-minute introduction to get players up to speed on the storyline and what to do and expect during gameplay.

The game begins much like the original did, but the differences become immediately apparent in the color palate used and the upgrades in graphics.

This Prototype has solid human themes where the first one was lacking this. The world is more believable and the hero is motivated.

What are users saying?

The primary goal of the game is to kill Alex Mercer, the guy who created James Heller, or the prototype. However, at the beginning of the game, Heller is just not strong enough to take Mercer down. Players report that you have to play the game and the story as it is presented to have a chance at defeating Mercer. Also, there are far more enemies to get through before getting the opportunity to tackle Mercer.

Gamers report that the open-world content just makes more sense. It relates to the main characters and primary story in at least some way. In the first game this was not the case. Prototype 2 is more cohesive and just makes more sense due to this.

Players are saying that the removal of the Move Store makes a lot of sense and makes the game more streamlined. Now, instead of heading there to get new moves, Heller will earn new moves and he progresses through the game and does things like defeating enemy lairs. These are hidden in the world. Some new moves have also been added, such as sonar ability. You will be able to use this power to get an idea of where certain targets are throughout the world.

The believability in this sequel is what truly brings the game to like according to gamers. This focus gives this game a much deeper realistic realization. It also makes the game more enjoyable, easy to follow and the progression just makes sense. The first game left a lot of players lost and disenchanted, but this sequel fixed all of this.

Date Reviewed: April 9, 2012, 2:11 pm
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