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Two big thumbs up. I'm rooting for PsPrint!

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PsPrint review - affordable pamphlets, flyers and marketing but how's the quality?

PsPrint makes me smile:

PsPrint is one of those companies it's a joy to write about! Why? Because they do their job so well that there is a through line of consistent positive feedback online, which makes my job of telling you about PsPrint EASY! There are so many companies out there that may have a decent product but they have a lousy reputation online due to poor customer service or they may have a lousy product and lousy customer service, so after researching them thoroughly, I can't stand behind them and I have to recommend a different product. I'm happy to do that because I feel like I'm offering a service and saving people a lot of hassle and strife, but at my heart I root for businesses. I want to see them thrive the same way I want to see people thrive and I basically believe in a business's good intentions because, after all, they are made up of people. 

I don't think anyone would go to the trouble of building a business if they didn't, in their heart of hearts, want to contribute to other people's lives by offering them a useful product. It kills me when things go awry. Sometimes that's simply due to lack of knowledge on the consumer's part combined with hyped up expectations created by the company's sales force (we all need to pay our bills and sometimes we pursue that in unfortunate ways.) Sometimes it's due to poor management within the company or to compromises a company makes to stay afloat which end up undermining their credibility. Rarely does a company (or anyone for that matter) have malicious intent, despite how "evil" they might appear or even how maligned they might be in virtual space. 

Nevertheless we are all accountable for the reputation we develop and the service we offer and it's my job to reflect that honestly, so you don't feel like you've been slimed and I can sleep with a clear conscience. I am human so forgive me if I get it wrong sometimes (and feel free to give me a heads up, bearing in my mind that I assess a company's comprehensive picture and tend towards mediation rather than finger pointing.) 

Why PsPrint makes me smile:

The not so fun process of assessing companies gone awry is part of my job… which is what makes me want to celebrate doubly when a company gets it right! As I said, PsPrint is getting it right so I'm basically just here to celebrate them. 

What does PsPrint offer?

PsPrint has been in business since 1990. In 2011 they were purchased by Deluxe Corp., a trusted adviser to small businesses, providing a wide range of marketing solutions. So what they offer has expanded beyond simply meeting your printing needs for brochures and booklets, cd's catalogs, biz cards, invitations, posters, etc. In their own words, "PsPrint delivers online convenience with lightening-fast turnaround at competitive prices." No one debates their rates, rapid turnaround or the quality of their products. They are talked about on Yelp as being extremely affordable for the quality of what they deliver and for living up to their promise on delivery time. I noticed the odd reviewer complaining about customer service but overall, PsPrint rates well for customer service too. The real standouts that people return to are good quality for the price and fast delivery.

Marketing, a new element:

Due to it's new parent company, Deluxe, PsPrint now offers more advanced marketing solutions  as well, which are definitely worth looking into. Direct mailing is currently going through a bit of a renaissance, due to the fact that everyone abandoned it in favor of online marketing. So there's an opening to reach people through direct mailing again. PsPrint offers expert mailing services as well as custom mailing lists. So, for instance, you can take one of their 150 free downloadable templates and customize it the way you want and then purchase a list from them and have them do your mailing. No fuss, no muss.

Eco-Friendly Printing:

Here's what really sells me on PsPrint. They manage to do all this and also be an eco-friendly company, proving you don't need to pay a fortune to do the right thing. They use soy ink and top quality recycled papers and if you allow them to do your mailing for you whether from your own list or a targeted list you purchase from them, you contribute to reducing emissions from shipping (I know that last one's a bit of a stretch but it's true.) In any event, PsPrint being eco-friendly is what the seals the deal on this company for me, especially because they have not chosen to go the route of price-gauging which a lot of eco-friendly companies have done. It's just something they're doing out of their own sense of accountability and I think that's very cool!

My Conclusion:

You know how I feel. For 60% off your next print job follow this PsPrint link or any others connected to this article.

Date Reviewed: March 6, 2012, 6:06 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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