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Pure Cigs E Cigarettes from purecigs.com
Pure Cigs An E Cigarette Company That Listens To Consumers
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Pure Cigs REVIEW - An E cigarette company that listens to consumers

Pure Cigs is User Friendly!

Pure Cigs knows what's important to E cigarette customers and they strive to deliver! In researching this company I was happy to see a clean, simple and navigable website. Makes ordering so much easier, especially if you're new to this world. Trying to figure out what to order can be confusing enough but on top of it trying to navigate a poorly laid out website can add to your frustration.

While a user friendly site is great, what really makes Pure Cigs worth checking out is the way they've listened to what e cigarette users want. Basically, you want a battery that lasts as long as possible so you're not caught with your pants down and as much vapor per puff as possible!

What does that mean?

One of the big challenges with E cigarettes is making an instrument that looks like a cigarette so you can blend into the crowd and so you can replicate the enjoyable aspect of smoking as closely as possible. They needed to figure out how to make it small and lightweight enough because at the same time you want to have a battery that lasts as long as possible. The last thing you want is to be out at a bar and find that your battery has gone dead. Next thing you know, you're reaching for a regular smoke and all the effort you've made towards living a healthier life can go down the tubes. 

Both Pure Cig's "Pure Cigs" and their new XL cater to those needs. For people who prefer to be discrete and look like they're smoking an actual cig… or who feel silly taking drags on a strange looking device in public, Pure Cigs offers their standard electronic cigarette. These come in the most advanced two piece design (battery and cartomizer… a cartomizer is a combined disposable cartridge and atomizer in one). The batteries are rated at 220 mAH for extended life and the cartridges have high powered atomizer coils. The cartridge case is a necessity for any e cigarettes, to ensure your batteries are charged and ready to go and you don't run out of juice at the wrong moment. 

What if I don't care how I look?

If you're just interested in vaping and don't mind appearances I would recommend going for the XL instead. Less to carry and more power. The cartridge holds nearly three times the e juice and has two power coils for the ultimate vaping experience. The smart button on it's manual battery allows you to control the drag and lets you know when the battery needs recharging. At 650mAH the battery is 3 x as powerful and it contains a USB plug which means you can be charging the battery and vaping at the same time. The only down side to the XL is there are 2 less flavor options available. 

What about flavor?

Regarding flavor, that's a subjective thing so I can't speak to which e-cigarette will best meet your taste needs. I will say that generally speaking e cigarettes don't replicate the taste of smoking so you really won't find that in any of the options out there. It's more like inhaling aromatic tea, which makes sense if you think about it. While that might be initially disappointing if you're looking to completely replicate your smoking experience, bear in mind that your mind profoundly associates the taste of smoking with the nicotine it gets. After a couple of weeks using e cigarettes your mind will be reassured that what it really wants (the nicotine) can be gotten with e cigarettes and you'll adapt to the flavor. A lot of e cigarette users actually say that over time and as their taste buds come alive again, they actually find the taste of regular cigarettes repulsive. 

So should you go for it?

If you're just getting started and you want to keep things simple, Pure Cigs is a great way to go. But for the exact same price, you can get the express starter kit from Greensmoke which is, flat out, the most popular brand on the market. Whereas Pure Cigs have 2 flavor options, regular and menthol, Greensmoke has 4 flavor options so you can find the taste that reminds you most of the tobacco brand you enjoy. The other advantage to smoking a popular brand is ease of access and quality. E cigs are a young market and lots of companies are popping up to cash in. A company like Greensmoke is building their brand, which means greater accountability for their product as well as greater availability as e cigs transition from online availability to bricks and mortar over the years to come.

Check out Pure Cigs for yourself or try Greensmoke

Date Reviewed: January 9, 2012, 8:39 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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