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Pretty tri-color design with embedded diamonds around the bands.


Cheap quality of gold and diamond and much smaller in person than it appears on the screen.


Save your money and buy something more substantial; this ring is a letdown.

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10k Tri-Colored Gold Diamond Stack Ring from Amazon Collections
REVIEW 10k Tri Colored Gold Diamond Stack Ring
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10k Tri-Colored Gold Diamond Stack Ring Doesn't Stack Up

What girl does not like a great diamond ring? When you add in three diamond rings with different colors of gold, then you have a very happy girl indeed. I, too, am a fan of the diamond so I was excited when I saw that Amazon was offering a tri-colored diamond stack ring. I have always loved the idea of tri-colored jewelry and was instantly drawn to this set. After looking at the price tag, I knew I would need to do some more research to determine if this ring was really the right choice and worth the cost. It looks pretty online but thats the real downside to making an online purchase- you dont know what it actually looks like in person.

After looking a little closer to this ring set here is what I found:

Product Features

  • Carat Total Weight
  • Three Colors of Gold
  • 2.8 Grams Total Ring Weight
  • Resizable up or Down One Size

There is a lot to like about this ring set and some things that concern me but in all honesty, I am not as sure about making the purchase as I was before digging deeper. First, I want to get more in depth about both the positives and the negatives before getting into any conclusions. Since this would be a pricier purchase and hopefully something I would wear every day, or at least very often, I wanted to make sure I made the right decision.

Looking at the Good

This is a petite ring set and would be great for those who have smaller hands but those who have large hands or fingers my find that the rings are just a bit too small to be deemed attractive. I am a size 5 and have petite hands so it might work aright. I do like the three different colors of gold; there is white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. Finally, the quarter carat total weight is not bad for the size of the tri-color rings.

Dont Bother With This Ring Set

Having said all the good I can about this set of rings, I cannot fully justify the purchase price and there are many reasons why I made this decision. First, looking at the gold of the rings, it is only ten carat gold, not nearly a high enough quality to justify the price even with gold prices where they are. There is less than two grams of gold in all three rings put together. They are so light because they are so small, as stated above; much too small for an adult sized hand except for those who have very small fingers.

Although I have petite hands, they still look like childrens jewelry on me- small and cheap.

The diamonds are of a poorer quality than even the gold and while a quarter carat seems like a lot of diamonds, they are barely even chip size when you take them individually. There are forty five stones in all, fifteen in each ring, with a clarity that is considered low, too. In fact, they are considered the lowest grade diamonds and are just one stop above being used in a diamond drill bit or other tool. When this ring set is broke down to its basics, it is not nearly worth the high price tag Amazon is commanding.

Most People Agree With Me

MrsH says, Online this ring looks great, but in person it is disappointing. I have small hands (size 5) and while it is obviously a dainty ring, the teeny stones made it look like children's jewelry.
Niko adds, The rings put together are smaller than imagined but still satisfying.


When I buy a diamond and gold ring, I expect to get a good quality gold, at least fourteen carats and diamonds that are more than chips. If this ring was selling for a hundred dollars instead of over two hundred and fifty, I would not have a problem paying that price. But the cost is simply too high for the poor quality in every aspect of this ring.

It looked great on the screen but diminutive and cheap on my hand. I will be trying to return mine.

Date Reviewed: May 14, 2012, 10:36 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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