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Price point, excellent functionality, good support and training available


Large documents may be an issue. Not many customer reviews yet.


A very good option for long-term efficiency.

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Dokmee Professional from Office Gemini
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Dokmee Professional Edition - Here's My Review...

Document Management Software - that's for big corporations, isn't it?

Well, even small businesses have document records, whether they are paper based or electronic. Some have more than others: think of a lawyers office or a busy doctors surgery. Not to mention Government offices... imagine if there were no more 'can't find your file excuses'?

And no more nightmares for clerical staff, either. I was once hired to sort out an office's filing and on the first morning the manager opened a door to an entire cupboard piled high with papers and announced, 'that's our filing system...'

Dokmee Professional Edition by Office Gemini is designed to help you - and your staff! - organize, secure and manage those documents.

And for $595.00 (per station) this is a very affordable option in a market where document management computing packages can run into thousands of dollars. 

Clients demanding copies of paperwork? Employees losing hours searching? Dokmee have the solution. By centralizing all your files in an electronically accessible environment; multiple users can access the same material. The product can handle all the file-types you can imagine:  PDF, Tiff, Word, Excel, CAD, Emails, and more.

And not only does this make for a more efficient working operation, Dokmee can help with the regulatory side of your business. There are more and more demands on your company to go paperless for compliance and risk reduction reasons; not to mention efficiency.

Dokmee aims to provide users (that's you!) with the ease, convenience and security of accessing documents and files without having to resort to sorting through that overstuffed filing cabinet.

You have control of the system, too. You control who can share the documents, who has access to them and who has different permissions such as deleting, printing and emailing. 

Easy to set up and use, you can get a real feel for this product by taking advantage of the 30 day free trial, webinars, web demonstrations and videos.

Features include: full text searches and multi-level search and retrieval, Microsoft Office toolbar add-in and a virtual printer ('print to Dokmee'). The system can cope with unlimited folders and subfolders; you can copy and paste entire Windows folder structures, there are indexing and annotating functions; you can import and export files with simple drag and drop and view files with external applications from within Dokmee.

'A state of the art document management software innovation focusing on ease of use, information security, optimization and efficiency,' said the developers.

And you can purchase a web version of Dokmee for staff who are working off site or remotely - in fact anyone you give permission to can access the online documents.

Dokmee Professional is designed for groups of people (up to 100 concurrent users). So it is perfect for individual departments and small to medium size companies. 

And the latest version features faster scanning (because someone, no doubt those those much loved clerical workers, will have to input or scan the documents in the first place...) and installation instructions in 8 languages.

So how do the users of this product rate it so far?

'It incorporates most of the features you will find in packages ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 for a fraction of the cost,' said one review. 'The interface is very easy to use and learn. One of the great features is that it can be linked to other software and "image-enable" those applications. The auditing is also nice.'

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the auditing function. Could be a lifesaver come end-of-year.

'Loading the thumbnails can be a little slow if the documents are large (more than 50 pages),' he added.

'Cheap compared to other software,' said another review. 'and the Workflow function is great.' No more overlapping tasks! Everyone knows where you are on a project.

'Easy to use and great value for the price,' says another.

With the free trial option; what have you got to lose? (Apart from cupboards full of paperwork)
Date Reviewed: April 26, 2012, 2:22 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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