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Great, inexpensive way to capture your game play.


Does not record in high definition.


Worth the price for what you get. Great way to capture your gameplay videos.

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Roxio Game Capture from Roxio
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REVIEW: Roxio Game Capture (Is it worth the buy?)

As a gamer, one thing that is very important to have on hand is a great game capture software program. I have been a clan leader/guild leader, raid leader and other positions within games that require me to have to show others in the community how to do things. Nothing makes this easier than the ability to record play sessions and then show them to your team. Itís also a great way to improve your own game play by watching what you do when you play, analyzing it and learning how to improve it. I look at it a bit like how football teams record their games and practices and then review the plays.

Roxio Game Capture software is one program that I heard about and my first question was ďIs it worth the buy?Ē I had tried free programs before and they were not worth it. They lagged up my game too much and gave me very choppy video. But when I looked into paid programs, some of them were just way out of my price range for what I needed to do with it. Roxio is moderately priced at around $80 from Amazon, so it made it to the top of my list of considerations.

Before I made that purchase, it was time to learn more.

Product Features

  • Capture Xbox 360 and PS3 gameplay to your PC for easy editing and sharing online
  • Perfect for bragging rights--show high scores or post personal game reviews
  • Add voice-over or webcam commentary; share on sites like WeGame, Facebook and YouTube
  • Gain the best performance from ATI Stream, Intel Enhanced for Core, and NVIDIA CUDA
  • Record video or take screenshots; keep track of gameplay activity and achievements

The most important thing to note about Roxio is that this is a console-to-PC recording and editing program. This means it allows you to capture gameplay from your Xbox 360 and PS3 and send it to your PC to edit and also to share it online. This was not previously possible- at least not in an easy format or unless you had a lot of technical skill.

Ease of Use

Now, you donít need fancy tech skills or equipment to record your play videos from the console and add them to your computer to edit or share online. Itís very easy to use and comes with all the hardware and software you need to edit and share Xbox 360 and PS3 game sessions. The device is small and wonít get in the way or take up a lot of room. Itís also portable and easy to set up so you can take it to a friendís and record your play there as well.

What Do you Need it For?

So what does a gamer need something like Roxio for? Well, you can show off your skill by capturing video of your best moves. This gives you bragging rights or could help you get into a clan or on a team for competition. You can take screenshots or record video inside your favorite games to create cheat/tips videos or to add to reviews on the game.

You can also use it to help you keep track of your game time and achievements. You can show high scores, post your own walk-throughs and more.

It also allows you to add voice-over or webcam commentary and to share on common sharing sites and social media sites.

Get Social

Gamers today are more social than ever before. The gaming consoles themselves now make it easier with features like Xbox Live offering communities for gamers to share, brag and more. Software like this allows you to take it to the next level and get social with other gamers who enjoy the same games as you. Itís possible to plan events and record those events to show others and to help everyone remember the fun you had, show off your skills or that funny shot of that awesome kill you got on your buddy when he had his guard down. Itís just one more way to share and communicate with those who like the same things you do.

What about Quality?

Another question that comes up with game capture software like this is whether or not the quality will be good. This is not going to carry over well from high definition devices but it is pretty decent as far as cheap screen capture technology goes. Roxio has very good feedback when it comes to quality of the footage, voice-over, customization and more. It has the latest NVIDIA CUDA, ATI Stream and Intel Enhanced for Core technologies and you can record your footage in AVI, DivX or WMV.

When buying home design software, it also pays to do some research first into what other people are saying.†

What Others Say about It

In addition to my review, I wanted to be able to provide some feedback from other users. While I found a few complaints on the Internet, most were in reference to people not knowing how to use it correctly or those who had trouble with the installation. The general consensus was very positive on this product.

Joe from Amazon says, ďOnce I had it hooked up, I installed the software on my computer, rebooted my computer, and I was ready to record. I launched the software, which was insanely simple to use, and I recorded my first Rock Band 3 video. I recorded a short 5-minute video, uploaded it to youtube, and I was watching my video in 480p in less than 15 minutes. Most of the time was spent uploading and waiting for youtube to process the video. It was amazingly slick, simple, and easy to use.Ē

Justin from Amazon says, ďThis capture card is amazing. The quality is great and the software is easy to use. Easy to set up. Definitely worth $80.Ē

Date Reviewed: April 19, 2012, 6:40 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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