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Ray Wenderlich IPhone Tutorials Review
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Ray Wenderlich's iPhone Tutorials - REVIEW

Ah, the wonderful world of iPhone and iPad Apps!

Once you enter into it, you soon realize that there's an app for just about everything - from your TV shows to newspapers to sporting events and games.And sooner or later you'll find yourself thinking of something YOU want to keep updated on, or have handy on your phone and think, 'there should be an app for that.'Well Ray Wenderlich can help you learn how to write that app.

His series of iPhone tutorials will teach you how to make iPhone and iPad apps 'from the ground up' and he promises his 'epic length' tutorials will work even for complete beginners.

The series of tutorials is titled 'The iOS Apprentice' and you'll learn how to build complete apps from scratch.Building on what you have learned in the last lesson, your skills will soon advance and you'll cover in detail everything you need to know to make your own apps.

'Turn your ideas into real apps that you can sell on the App Store!' says Ray. 'No prior experience required.'

Sounds great, but it is really possible for a beginner with an idea (not a programmer with lots of experience...)?Well Ray understands that to non-programmers, learning how to write an app can seem overwhelming.

But his step-by-step guide assumes zero programming knowledge. With lots of illustrations and screen shots so you can be sure that you're doing the right thing, his fun and easy-going teaching style will soon build confidence.

The series focuses only on the features of iOS (the iPhone/iPad operating system) that you need to know. So you won't be bamboozled with a list of features, but a clear explanation of the building blocks and how they fit together to build real apps.

The first tutorial, is, appropriately, all about getting started, and you can try Ray's method for free by signing up for his newsletter. A perfect way to see if the teaching style, content and approach works for you.

Ray uses real projects to teach - so to get started you build a game using Xcode, Interface Builder and Objective- C.The tutorials then move on to checklists (apparently to-do lists are one of the most popular types of app in the App Store), and this lesson introduces you to design patterns used in all iOS apps, plus an introduction to table views, navigations controllers and delegates.And Ray is keen that you learn how to make quality apps and show you the details that set great apps apart from the average ones. You'll learn how to use Storyboards, arrays and dictionaries, sending data between view controllers, how to deal with low memory situations and much more.

All the work is project based: so when learning about the locations functions, you'll develop your own 'MyLocations' to match up with descriptions and photographs.

'Be more than a code monkey!' says Ray. He aims to teach you how to think like a programmer, working through computational problems and finding creative solutions.'Once you possess this valuable skill,' he says. 'You can program anything.' And his series is up to date, taking advantage of the new iOS5 and its upgraded features.

Plus how to make apps look good; graphics techniques and interface design.

App Store, he we come!As long as you have a Mac, you can get started right away. Grounded, practical and fun.The complete series costs $54.

And the word on the street is that this is excellent value.

For a start off there's the free first lesson which will give you an excellent idea of whether this tutorial series is for you. Then there is a comprehensive user forum, with questions from new developers (you!) comprehensively answered by Ray. This stuff really helps people.'I was struggling for so many hours with no-luck,' said one user. 'Thanks for the tutorial. I can't wait to give it a try again when I get home!'And Ray is highly thought of within the world of app development.

'Ray Wenderlich runs a great site with many helpful tutorials,' was one recommendation.

And others agree: 'One of the top 10 iOS blogs I follow.' So I'll leave it to the independent users and customers of Ray's iPhone tutorials to have the final word.'If you are completely in the dark about what to do with the iPhone, Ray Wenderlich has tutorials to help get you through the process of creating an app for your iPhone.

''The best tutorials I use are by one dude, his site is His tutorials are really clear and the comments are useful too.

Go create!
Date Reviewed: February 13, 2012, 10:52 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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